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High‐Performance Reversible Aqueous Zn‐Ion Battery Based on Porous MnOx Nanorods Coated by MOF‐Derived N‐Doped Carbon
Y Fu, Q Wei, G Zhang, X Wang, J Zhang, Y Hu, D Wang, L Zuin, T Zhou, ...
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Monolayer graphene film on ZnO nanorod array for high‐performance Schottky junction ultraviolet photodetectors
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Recent progress in solar‐blind deep‐ultraviolet photodetectors based on inorganic ultrawide bandgap semiconductors
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Core–shell heterojunction of silicon nanowire arrays and carbon quantum dots for photovoltaic devices and self-driven photodetectors
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Rational design of nanostructured electrode materials toward multifunctional supercapacitors
J Yan, S Li, B Lan, Y Wu, PS Lee
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Status of R&D activities on materials for fusion power reactors
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The fusion-driven hybrid system and its material selection
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Antimony nanowire arrays fabricated by pulsed electrodeposition in anodic alumina membranes
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Electrically and sunlight‐driven actuator with versatile biomimetic motions based on rolled carbon nanotube bilayer composite
Y Hu, J Liu, L Chang, L Yang, A Xu, K Qi, P Lu, G Wu, W Chen, Y Wu
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Hydrothermal synthesis of layered molybdenum sulfide/N-doped graphene hybrid with enhanced supercapacitor performance
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High‐responsivity graphene/InAs nanowire heterojunction near‐infrared photodetectors with distinct photocurrent on/off ratios
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The Formation of Mesoporous TiO2 Spheres via a Facile Chemical Process
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Near‐infrared light photovoltaic detector based on GaAs nanocone array/monolayer graphene schottky junction
LB Luo, JJ Chen, MZ Wang, H Hu, CY Wu, Q Li, L Wang, JA Huang, ...
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Review of blanket designs for advanced fusion reactors
T Ihli, TK Basu, LM Giancarli, S Konishi, S Malang, F Najmabadi, S Nishio, ...
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pH is the primary determinant of the bacterial community structure in agricultural soils impacted by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon pollution
Y Wu, J Zeng, Q Zhu, Z Zhang, X Lin
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
NiS and MoS2 nanosheet co-modified graphitic C3N4 ternary heterostructure for high efficient visible light photodegradation of antibiotic
X Lu, Y Wang, X Zhang, G Xu, D Wang, J Lv, Z Zheng, Y Wu
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A low aspect ratio tokamak transmutation system
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Temperature-controlled growth of α-Al 2 O 3 nanobelts and nanosheets
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Ultrafast, Self-Driven, and Air-Stable Photodetectors Based on Multilayer PtSe2/Perovskite Heterojunctions
ZX Zhang, LH Zeng, XW Tong, Y Gao, C Xie, YH Tsang, LB Luo, YC Wu
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9 (6), 1185-1194, 2018
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