Michelangelo Morganti
Michelangelo Morganti
Permanent Researcher CNR-IRSA
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Sex‐related variation in migration phenology in relation to sexual dimorphism: a test of competing hypotheses for the evolution of protandry
N Saino, D Rubolini, L Serra, M Caprioli, M Morganti, R Ambrosini, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23 (10), 2054-2065, 2010
Flexible tuning of departure decisions in response to weather in black redstarts Phoenicurus ochruros migrating across the Mediterranean Sea
M Morganti, U Mellone, G Bogliani, N Saino, A Ferri, F Spina, D Rubolini
Journal of Avian Biology 42 (4), 323-334, 2011
Effect of light‐level geolocators on apparent survival of two highly aerial swift species
M Morganti, D Rubolini, S Åkesson, A Bermejo, J de la Puente, R Lardelli, ...
Journal of Avian Biology 49 (1), jav-01521, 2018
How residents behave: home range flexibility and dominance over migrants in a Mediterranean passerine
M Morganti, G Assandri, JI Aguirre, Á Ramirez, M Caffi, F Pulido
Animal behaviour 123, 293-304, 2017
Long‐term changes in autumn migration dates at the Strait of Gibraltar reflect population trends of soaring birds
M Panuccio, B Martín, M Morganti, A Onrubia, M Ferrer
Ibis 159 (1), 55-65, 2017
Climate determinants of breeding and wintering ranges of lesser kestrels in Italy and predicted impacts of climate change
M Morganti, D Preatoni, M Sarà
Journal of Avian Biology 48 (12), 1595-1607, 2017
Decoupling of behavioural and morphological differentiation in a partially migratory bird population
M Morganti, S Åkesson, F Pulido
Bird Study 62 (1), 29-38, 2015
Multi-species habitat models highlight the key importance of flooded reedbeds for inland wetland birds: implications for management and conservation
M Morganti, M Manica, G Bogliani, M Gustin, F Luoni, P Trotti, V Perin, ...
Avian Research 10 (1), 1-13, 2019
Birds facing climate change: a qualitative model for the adaptive potential of migratory behaviour
M Morganti
Rivista Italiana di Ornitologia 85 (1), 3-13, 2015
Invernada de aves migradoras trans-Saharianas en España
M Morganti, F Pulido
Atlas de las aves en invierno en España 2007-2010, 59-64, 2012
Importance of meteorological variables for aeroplankton dispersal in an urban environment
CA Cusimano, B Massa, M Morganti
Italian Journal of Zoology 83 (2), 263-269, 2016
Rainfall, but not temperature, negatively affects the growth of Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus nestlings
M Morganti, D Rubolini, M Caprioli, N Saino, R Ambrosini
Bird Study 64 (2), 159-167, 2017
The value of abandoned olive groves for blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla) in a Mediterranean agroecosystem: a year-round telemetry study
G Assandri, M Morganti, G Bogliani, F Pulido
European Journal of Wildlife Research 63 (1), 26, 2017
Different trends of neighboring populations of Lesser Kestrel: Effects of climate and other environmental conditions
M Morganti, R Ambrosini, M Sarà
Population Ecology 61 (3), 300-314, 2019
An exploration of isotopic variability in feathers and claws of Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni chicks from southern Sicily
M Morganti, A Franzoi, L Bontempo, M Sarà
Polish Academy of Science 40 (1), 23-32, 2016
Complete Post-Juvenile Moult in First-Year Blackcaps: Proximate Causes and Adaptive Implications: MUDA POST-JUVENIL COMPLETA EN CURRUCAS CAPIROTADAS DE PRIMER INVIERNO: CAUSAS …
M Morganti, JI Aguirre, A Onrubia, F Pulido
Ardeola 60 (1), 45-57, 2013
The potential of migratory birds to adapt to global change: lessons from European lonng distance migrants and Iberian Blackaps
M Morganti
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2014
Is the Spectacled Warbler Sylvia conspicillata expanding northward because of climate warming?
G Assandri, M Morganti
Bird Study 62 (1), 126-131, 2015
Exposure assessment of PFAS‐contaminated sites using avian eggs as a biomonitoring tool: a frame of reference and a case study in the Po River valley (Northern Italy)
M Morganti, S Polesello, S Pascariello, C Ferrario, D Rubolini, ...
Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 2021
Assessing the relative importance of managed crops and semi-natural grasslands as foraging habitats for breeding lesser kestrels Falco naumanni in southeastern Italy
M Morganti, JG Cecere, S Quilici, C Tarantino, PN Blonda, M Griggio, ...
Wildlife Biology 2021 (1), 2021
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