Gabor Simonovits
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Publication bias in the social sciences: Unlocking the file drawer
A Franco, N Malhotra, G Simonovits
Science 345 (6203), 1502-1505, 2014
Underreporting in psychology experiments: Evidence from a study registry
A Franco, N Malhotra, G Simonovits
Social Psychological and Personality Science 7 (1), 8-12, 2016
Seeing the world through the other's eye: An online intervention reducing ethnic prejudice
G Simonovits, G Kezdi, P Kardos
The American Political Science Review 112 (1), 186, 2018
The impact of candidate name order on election outcomes in North Dakota
E Chen, G Simonovits, JA Krosnick, J Pasek
Electoral Studies 35, 115-122, 2014
Competition and turnout revisited: The importance of measuring expected closeness accurately
G Simonovits
Electoral studies 31 (2), 364-371, 2012
Developing standards for post-hoc weighting in population-based survey experiments
A Franco, N Malhotra, G Simonovits, LJ Zigerell
Journal of Experimental Political Science 4 (2), 161-172, 2017
Economic Hardship Triggers Identification with Disadvantaged Minorities
G Simonovits, G Kezdi
The Journal of Politics 78 (3), 2016
Underreporting in political science survey experiments: Comparing questionnaires to published results
A Franco, N Malhotra, G Simonovits
Political Analysis, 306-312, 2015
Identifying the bandwagon effect in two-round elections
Á Kiss, G Simonovits
Public choice 160 (3-4), 327-344, 2014
Responsiveness without Representation: Evidence from Minimum Wage Laws in US States
G Simonovits, AM Guess, J Nagler
American Journal of Political Science 63 (2), 401-410, 2019
Costly values: The limited benefits and potential costs of targeted policy justifications
E Peterson, G Simonovits
Journal of Experimental Political Science 4 (2), 95-106, 2017
An experimental approach to economic voting
G Simonovits
Political behavior 37 (4), 977-994, 2015
The Electoral Consequences of Issue Frames
E Peterson, G Simonovits
The Journal of Politics 80 (4), 1283-1296, 2018
Local economic shocks and national election outcomes: evidence from Hungarian administrative data
G Simonovits, S Kates, B Szeitl
Political Behavior 41 (2), 337-348, 2019
Centrist by Comparison: Extremism and the Expansion of the Political Spectrum
G Simonovits
Political Behavior, 2016
Democratic hypocrisy: Polarized citizens support democracy-eroding behavior when their own party is in power
J McCoy, G Simonovits, L Littvay
The effect of distributive politics on electoral participation: Evidence from 70 million agricultural payments
G Simonovits, N Malhotra, RY Lee, A Healy
Political Behavior, 1-14, 2019
The interdependence of perceived ideological positions: Evidence from three survey experiments
I Waismel-Manor, G Simonovits
Public Opinion Quarterly 81 (3), 759-768, 2017
Locally Controlled Minimum Wages Are No Closer to Public Preferences
G Simonovits, J Payson
OSF Preprints, 2020
Empathy, deservingness, and preferences for welfare assistance: A large-scale online perspective-taking experiment
A Bor, G Simonovits
PsyArXiv, 2020
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