Heather Greaves
Heather Greaves
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Estimating aboveground biomass and leaf area of low-stature Arctic shrubs with terrestrial LiDAR
HE Greaves, LA Vierling, JUH Eitel, NT Boelman, TS Magney, CM Prager, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 164, 26-35, 2015
Does NDVI reflect variation in the structural attributes associated with increasing shrub dominance in arctic tundra?
NT Boelman, L Gough, JR McLaren, H Greaves
Environmental Research Letters 6 (3), 035501, 2011
High-resolution mapping of aboveground shrub biomass in Arctic tundra using airborne lidar and imagery
HE Greaves, LA Vierling, JUH Eitel, NT Boelman, TS Magney, CM Prager, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 184, 361-373, 2016
Differential physiological responses to environmental change promote woody shrub expansion
M Heskel, H Greaves, A Kornfeld, L Gough, OK Atkin, MH Turnbull, ...
Ecology and evolution 3 (5), 1149-1162, 2013
Thermal acclimation of shoot respiration in an Arctic woody plant species subjected to 22 years of warming and altered nutrient supply
MA Heskel, HE Greaves, MH Turnbull, OS O'Sullivan, GR Shaver, ...
Global change biology 20 (8), 2618-2630, 2014
LiDAR canopy radiation model reveals patterns of photosynthetic partitioning in an Arctic shrub
TS Magney, JUH Eitel, KL Griffin, NT Boelman, HE Greaves, CM Prager, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 221, 78-93, 2016
Applying terrestrial lidar for evaluation and calibration of airborne lidar-derived shrub biomass estimates in Arctic tundra
HE Greaves, LA Vierling, JUH Eitel, NT Boelman, TS Magney, CM Prager, ...
Remote Sensing Letters 8 (2), 175-184, 2017
An automated method to quantify crop height and calibrate satellite-derived biomass using hypertemporal lidar
JUH Eitel, TS Magney, LA Vierling, HE Greaves, G Zheng
Remote Sensing of Environment 187, 414-422, 2016
Airborne laser scanning and spectral remote sensing give a bird's eye perspective on arctic tundra breeding habitat at multiple spatial scales
NT Boelman, JD Holbrook, HE Greaves, JS Krause, HE Chmura, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 184, 337-349, 2016
Xanthophyll cycle activity in two prominent arctic shrub species
TS Magney, BA Logan, JS Reblin, NT Boelman, JUH Eitel, HE Greaves, ...
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 49 (2), 277-289, 2017
A gradient of nutrient enrichment reveals nonlinear impacts of fertilization on Arctic plant diversity and ecosystem function
CM Prager, S Naeem, NT Boelman, JUH Eitel, HE Greaves, MA Heskel, ...
Ecology and Evolution 7 (7), 2449-2460, 2017
Bare earth LiDaR dataset for Toolik Field Station, AK, and nearby field sites along Dalton Highway
LA Vierling, JUH Eitel, NT Boelman, KL Griffin, H Greaves, TS Magney, ...
Scaling thermal properties from the leaf to the canopy in the Alaskan arctic tundra
JT Gersony, CM Prager, NT Boelman, JUH Eitel, L Gough, HE Greaves, ...
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 48 (4), 739-754, 2016
Spectral determination of concentrations of functionally diverse pigments in increasingly complex arctic tundra canopies
NT Boelman, TS Magney, BA Logan, KL Griffin, JUH Eitel, H Greaves, ...
Oecologia 182 (1), 85-97, 2016
Terrestrial lidar scanning reveals fine-scale linkages between microstructure and photosynthetic functioning of small-stature spruce trees at the forest-tundra ecotone
AJ Maguire, JUH Eitel, LA Vierling, DM Johnson, KL Griffin, NT Boelman, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 269, 157-168, 2019
High-Resolution Shrub Biomass and Uncertainty Maps, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2013
HE Greaves, L Vierling, J Eitel, N Boelman, T Magney, C Prager, K Griffin
Lidar provides novel insights into the effect of pixel size and grazing intensity on measures of spatial heterogeneity in a native bunchgrass ecosystem
VS Jansen, CA Kolden, HE Greaves, JUH Eitel
Remote Sensing of Environment 235, 111432, 2019
Assessing land cover change and lowland vulnerability to permafrost thaw, altered fire regime, and hydrologic changes on Interior Alaska
G Helene, T Jorgenson, TA Douglas, H Greaves, CA Hiemstra, BG Marcot, ...
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
20 cm resolution mapping of tundra vegetation communities provides an ecological baseline for important research areas in a changing Arctic environment
HE Greaves, JUH Eitel, LA Vierling, NT Boelman, KL Griffin, TS Magney, ...
Environmental Research Communications 1 (10), 105004, 2019
Ground-Based Vegetation Community Photos, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska, 2014-2015
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