Stephan Pollmann
Stephan Pollmann
Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas (UPM - INIA)
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Auxin transport through PIN-FORMED 3 (PIN3) controls shade avoidance and fitness during competition
DH Keuskamp, S Pollmann, LACJ Voesenek, AJM Peeters, R Pierik
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (52), 22740-22744, 2010
ER-localized auxin transporter PIN8 regulates auxin homeostasis and male gametophyte development in Arabidopsis
Z Ding, B Wang, I Moreno, N Dupláková, S Simon, N Carraro, J Reemmer, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-11, 2012
Characterization of TCTP, the translationally controlled tumor protein, from Arabidopsis thaliana
O Berkowitz, R Jost, S Pollmann, J Masle
The Plant Cell 20 (12), 3430-3447, 2008
The jasmonic acid signaling pathway is linked to auxin homeostasis through the modulation of YUCCA8 and YUCCA9 gene expression
M Hentrich, C Böttcher, P Düchting, Y Cheng, Y Zhao, O Berkowitz, ...
The Plant Journal 74 (4), 626-637, 2013
Molecular cloning and characterization of an amidase from Arabidopsis thaliana capable of converting indole-3-acetamide into the plant growth hormone, indole-3-acetic acid
S Pollmann, D Neu, EW Weiler
Phytochemistry 62 (3), 293-300, 2003
Identification of an ABCB/P-glycoprotein-specific inhibitor of auxin transport by chemical genomics
JY Kim, S Henrichs, A Bailly, V Vincenzetti, V Sovero, S Mancuso, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (30), 23309-23317, 2010
Characterization of tomato Cycling Dof Factors reveals conserved and new functions in the control of flowering time and abiotic stress responses
AR Corrales, SG Nebauer, L Carrillo, P Fernández-Nohales, J Marqués, ...
Journal of experimental botany 65 (4), 995-1012, 2014
Distribution of indole-3-acetic acid in Petunia hybrida shoot tip cuttings and relationship between auxin transport, carbohydrate metabolism and adventitious root formation
AH Ahkami, M Melzer, MR Ghaffari, S Pollmann, MG Javid, F Shahinnia, ...
Planta 238 (3), 499-517, 2013
Occurrence and formation of indole-3-acetamide in Arabidopsis thaliana
S Pollmann, A Müller, M Piotrowski, EW Weiler
Planta 216 (1), 155-161, 2002
Plant oxylipins: Plant responses to 12‐oxo‐phytodienoic acid are governed by its specific structural and functional properties
C Böttcher, S Pollmann
The FEBS Journal 276 (17), 4693-4704, 2009
DONGLE and DEFECTIVE IN ANTHER DEHISCENCE1 lipases are not essential for wound-and pathogen-induced jasmonate biosynthesis: redundant lipases contribute to jasmonate formation
D Ellinger, N Stingl, II Kubigsteltig, T Bals, M Juenger, S Pollmann, ...
Plant Physiology 153 (1), 114-127, 2010
Arabidopsis ABCB21 is a Facultative Auxin Importer/Exporter Regulated by Cytoplasmic Auxin Concentration
Y Kamimoto, K Terasaka, M Hamamoto, K Takanashi, S Fukuda, N Shitan, ...
Plant and Cell Physiology 53 (12), 2090-2100, 2012
Regulation of ABCB1/PGP1‐catalysed auxin transport by linker phosphorylation
S Henrichs, B Wang, Y Fukao, J Zhu, L Charrier, A Bailly, SC Oehring, ...
The EMBO journal 31 (13), 2965-2980, 2012
Endophytic root colonization of gramineous plants by Herbaspirillum frisingense
M Rothballer, B Eckert, M Schmid, A Fekete, M Schloter, A Lehner, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 66 (1), 85-95, 2008
The N-end rule pathway controls multiple functions during Arabidopsis shoot and leaf development
E Graciet, F Walter, DÓ Maoiléidigh, S Pollmann, EM Meyerowitz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (32), 13618-13623, 2009
Indole-3-acetamide-dependent auxin biosynthesis: a widely distributed way of indole-3-acetic acid production?
T Lehmann, M Hoffmann, M Hentrich, S Pollmann
European journal of cell biology 89 (12), 895-905, 2010
The modified flavonol glycosylation profile in the Arabidopsis rol1 mutants results in alterations in plant growth and cell shape formation
C Ringli, L Bigler, BM Kuhn, RM Leiber, A Diet, D Santelia, B Frey, ...
The Plant Cell 20 (6), 1470-1481, 2008
Subcellular localization and tissue specific expression of amidase 1 from Arabidopsis thaliana
S Pollmann, D Neu, T Lehmann, O Berkowitz, T Schäfer, EW Weiler
Planta 224 (6), 1241-1253, 2006
Flavonols mediate root phototropism and growth through regulation of proliferation-to-differentiation transition
J Silva-Navas, MA Moreno-Risueno, C Manzano, B Téllez-Robledo, ...
The Plant Cell 28 (6), 1372-1387, 2016
WOX5–IAA17 feedback circuit-mediated cellular auxin response is crucial for the patterning of root stem cell niches in Arabidopsis
H Tian, K Wabnik, T Niu, H Li, Q Yu, S Pollmann, S Vanneste, W Govaerts, ...
Molecular plant 7 (2), 277-289, 2014
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