Raimon Jané
Raimon Jané
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia. UPC
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Automatic detection of wave boundaries in multilead ECG signals: Validation with the CSE database
P Laguna, R Jané, P Caminal
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New algorithm for QT interval analysis in 24-hour Holter ECG: performance and applications
P Laguna, NV Thakor, P Caminal, R Jane, HR Yoon, AB de Luna, V Marti, ...
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Evaluation of an automatic threshold based detector of waveform limits in Holter ECG with the QT database
R Jane, A Blasi, J García, P Laguna
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R Jané, H Rix, P Caminal, P Laguna
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Time-frequency detection and analysis of wheezes during forced exhalation
A Homs-Corbera, JA Fiz, J Morera, R Jané
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Adaptive baseline wander removal in the ECG: Comparative analysis with cubic spline technique
R Jane, P Laguna, NV Thakor, P Caminal
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Adaptive filtering of ECG baseline wander
P Laguna, R Jané, P Caminal
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Low-pass differentiators for biological signals with known spectra: application to ECG signal processing
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Acoustic analysis of vowel emission in obstructive sleep apnea
JA Fiz, J Morera, J Abad, A Belsunces, M Haro, R Jane, P Caminal, ...
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Automatic detection of snoring signals: validation with simple snorers and OSAS patients
R Jané, J Solà-Soler, JA Fiz, J Morera
Proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE …, 2000
Analysis of forced wheezes in asthma patients
JA Fiz, R Jane, J Izquierdo, A Homs, MA Garcia, R Gomez, E Monso, ...
Respiration 73 (1), 55-60, 2006
Improved alignment method for noisy high-resolution ECG and Holter records using multiscale cross-correlation
E Laciar, R Jané, DH Brooks
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Adaptive Hermite models for ECG data compression: performance and evaluation with automatic wave detection
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Analysis of tracheal sounds during forced exhalation in asthma patients and normal subjects: bronchodilator response effect
JA Fiz, R Jané, D Salvatella, J Izquierdo, L Lores, P Caminal, J Morera
Chest 116 (3), 633-638, 1999
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