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Nature of the Cathode–Electrolyte Interface in Highly Concentrated Electrolytes Used in Graphite Dual-Ion Batteries
A Kotronia, HD Asfaw, CW Tai, M Hahlin, D Brandell, K Edström
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13 (3), 3867–3880, 2021
Emulsion-templated bicontinuous carbon network electrodes for use in 3D microstructured batteries
HD Asfaw, M Roberts, R Younesi, K Edström
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (44), 13750-13758, 2013
Facile synthesis of hard carbon microspheres from polyphenols for sodium-ion batteries: insight into local structure and interfacial kinetics
HD Asfaw, CW Tai, M Valvo, R Younesi
Materials Today Energy 18, 100505, 2020
On the P2-Na x Co1–y (Mn2/3Ni1/3) y O2 Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries: Synthesis, Electrochemical Performance, and Redox Processes Occurring during the …
S Doubaji, L Ma, HD Asfaw, I Izanzar, R Xu, J Alami, J Lu, T Wu, K Amine, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (1), 488-501, 2018
A one-step water based strategy for synthesizing hydrated vanadium pentoxide nanosheets from VO 2 (B) as free-standing electrodes for lithium battery applications
AS Etman, HD Asfaw, N Yuan, J Li, Z Zhou, F Peng, I Persson, X Zou, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (46), 17988-18001, 2016
Encasing Si particles within a versatile TiO2− xFx layer as an extremely reversible anode for high energy-density lithium-ion battery
Y Ma, HD Asfaw, C Liu, B Wei, K Edström
Nano Energy 30, 745-755, 2016
Bio-derived hard carbon nanosheets with high rate sodium-ion storage characteristics
HD Asfaw, R Gond, A Kotronia, CW Tai, R Younesi
Sustainable Materials and Technologies 32, e00407, 2022
Nanosized LiFePO 4-decorated emulsion-templated carbon foam for 3D micro batteries: a study of structure and electrochemical performance
HD Asfaw, MR Roberts, CW Tai, R Younesi, M Valvo, L Nyholm, ...
Nanoscale 6 (15), 8804-8813, 2014
Toward solid-state 3D-microbatteries using functionalized polycarbonate-based polymer electrolytes
B Sun, HD Asfaw, D Rehnlund, J Mindemark, L Nyholm, K Edström, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (3), 2407-2413, 2018
Three-dimensional carbon foam supported tin oxide nanocrystallites with tunable size range: Sulfonate anchoring synthesis and high rate lithium storage properties
Y Ma, HD Asfaw, K Edström
Journal of Power Sources 294, 208-215, 2015
A General Method to Fabricate Free-Standing Electrodes: Sulfonate Directed Synthesis and their Li+ Storage Properties
Y Ma, HD Asfaw, K Edstrom
Chemistry of Materials 27 (11), 3957-3965, 2015
Over‐Stoichiometric NbO2 Nanoparticles for a High Energy and Power Density Lithium Microbattery
HD Asfaw, CW Tai, L Nyholm, K Edström
ChemNanoMat 3 (9), 646-655, 2017
Boosting the thermal stability of emulsion–templated polymers via sulfonation: An efficient synthetic route to hierarchically porous carbon foams
HD Asfaw, R Younesi, M Valvo, J Maibach, J Ångström, CW Tai, Z Bacsik, ...
ChemistrySelect 1 (4), 784-792, 2016
A Lignosulfonate Binder for Hard Carbon Anodes in Sodium-Ion Batteries: A Comparative Study
R Gond, HD Asfaw, O Hosseinaei, K Edström, R Younesi, AJ Naylor
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (37), 12708–12717, 2021
A Li-Ion Microbattery with 3D Electrodes of Different Geometries
G Oltean, HD Asfaw, L Nyholm, K Edström
ECS Electrochemistry Letters 3 (6), A54, 2014
Development of P2 or P2/P3 cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries by controlling the Ni and Mn contents in Na0. 7CoxMnyNizO2 layered oxide
C Hakim, HD Asfaw, R Younesi, D Brandell, K Edström, I Saadoune
Electrochimica Acta 438, 141540, 2023
A polymeric cathode-electrolyte interface enhances the performance of MoS2-graphite potassium dual-ion intercalation battery
HD Asfaw, A Kotronia
Cell Reports Physical Science 3 (1), 100693, 2022
Electrochemical performance of supercapacitor electrodes based on carbon aerogel-reinforced spread tow carbon fiber fabrics
HD Asfaw, A Kucernak, ES Greenhalgh, MSP Shaffer
Composites Science and Technology 238, 110042, 2023
Ternary Ionogel Electrolytes Enable Quasi-Solid-State Potassium Dual-Ion Intercalation Batteries
A Kotronia, K Edström, D Brandell, HD Asfaw
Adv. Energy Sustainability Res. 3 (1), 2100122, 2022
Tailoring the Microstructure and Electrochemical Performance of 3D Microbattery Electrodes Based on Carbon Foams
HD Asfaw, A Kotronia, CW Tai, L Nyholm, K Edström
Energy Technology, 2019
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