Tom Ziemke
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What's that thing called embodiment?
T Ziemke
Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society 25, 1305-1310, 2003
Enactive artificial intelligence: Investigating the systemic organization of life and mind
T Froese, T Ziemke
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S Thill, D Caligiore, AM Borghi, T Ziemke, G Baldassarre
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A stroll through the worlds of robots and animals: Applying Jakob von Uexkülls theory of meaning to adaptive robots and artificial life
T Ziemke, NE Sharkey
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Rethinking grounding
T Ziemke
Understanding Representation in the Cognitive Sciences: Does Representation …, 1999
Social cognition, artefacts, and stigmergy: A comparative analysis of theoretical frameworks for the understanding of artefact-mediated collaborative activity
T Susi, T Ziemke
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On the definition of information fusion as a field of research
H Boström, SF Andler, M Brohede, R Johansson, A Karlsson, J Van Laere, ...
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Body, language and mind. Volume 1: Embodiment
T Ziemke, J Zlatev, RM Frank
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Robot-assisted therapy for autism spectrum disorders with (partially) autonomous control: Challenges and outlook
S Thill, CA Pop, T Belpaeme, T Ziemke, B Vanderborght
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Social situatedness of natural and artificial intelligence: Vygotsky and beyond
J Lindblom, T Ziemke
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Body, language and mind. Volume 2: Sociocultural situatedness
RM Frank, R Dirven, T Ziemke, E Bernárdez
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On the role of emotion in embodied cognitive architectures: From organisms to robots
T Ziemke, R Lowe
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User experience in social human-robot interaction
B Alenljung, J Lindblom, R Andreasson, T Ziemke
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Are robots embodied?
T Ziemke
First international workshop on epigenetic robotics Modeling Cognitive …, 2001
Internal simulation of perception: a minimal neuro-robotic model
T Ziemke, DA Jirenhed, G Hesslow
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R Chrisley, T Ziemke
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The construction of ‘reality’in the robot: Constructivist perspectives on situated artificial intelligence and adaptive robotics
T Ziemke
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Affordance processing in segregated parieto-frontal dorsal stream sub-pathways
K Sakreida, I Effnert, S Thill, MM Menz, D Jirak, CR Eickhoff, T Ziemke, ...
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Sentence processing: linking language to motor chains
F Chersi, S Thill, T Ziemke, AM Borghi
Frontiers in neurorobotics 4, 1255, 2010
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