Adam Kristensson
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Chemical and physical characterization of emissions from birch wood combustion in a wood stove
E Hedberg, A Kristensson, M Ohlsson, C Johansson, PÅ Johansson, ...
Atmospheric Environment 36 (30), 4823-4837, 2002
Real-world traffic emission factors of gases and particles measured in a road tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden
A Kristensson, C Johansson, R Westerholm, E Swietlicki, L Gidhagen, ...
Atmospheric Environment 38 (5), 657-673, 2004
Number size distributions and seasonality of submicron particles in Europe 2008-2009
A Asmi, A Wiedensohler, P Laj, AM Fjæraa, K Sellegri, W Birmili, ...
One year boundary layer aerosol size distribution data from five nordic background stations
P Tunved, HC Hansson, M Kulmala, P Aalto, Y Viisanen, H Karlsson, ...
Particle size distribution and particle mass measurements at urban, near-city and rural level in the Copenhagen area and Southern Sweden
M Ketzel, P Wåhlin, A Kristensson, E Swietlicki, R Berkowicz, OJ Nielsen, ...
Model simulation of ultrafine particles inside a road tunnel
L Gidhagen, C Johansson, J Ström, A Kristensson, E Swietlicki, L Pirjola, ...
Atmospheric Environment 37 (15), 2023-2036, 2003
Characterization of new particle formation events at a background site in Southern Sweden: relation to air mass history
A Kristensson, M Dal Maso, E Swietlicki, T Hussein, J Zhou, VM Kerminen, ...
Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology 60 (3), 330-344, 2008
Time span and spatial scale of regional new particle formation events over Finland and Southern Sweden.
T Hussein, H Junninen, P Tunved, A Kristensson, M Dal Maso, I Riipinen, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 9 (14), 2009
Overview of the synoptic and pollution situation over Europe during the EUCAARI-LONGREX field campaign
T Hamburger, G McMeeking, A Minikin, W Birmili, M Dall'Osto, C O'Dowd, ...
Aerosol decadal trends-Part 2: In-situ aerosol particle number concentrations at GAW and ACTRIS stations
A Asmi, M Collaud Coen, JA Ogren, E Andrews, P Sheridan, A Jefferson, ...
München: European Geopyhsical Union, 2013
Hygroscopic properties of the ambient aerosol in southern Sweden--a two year study.
EO Fors, E Swietlicki, B Svenningsson, A Kristensson, GP Frank, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 11 (16), 2011
In situ observations of a reduction in effective crystal diameter in cirrus clouds near flight corridors
A Kristensson, JF Gayet, J Ström, F Auriol
Geophysical research letters 27 (5), 681-684, 2000
Seasonal variation of atmospheric particle number concentrations, new particle formation and atmospheric oxidation capacity at the high Arctic site Villum Research Station …
QT Nguyen, M Glasius, LL Sørensen, B Jensen, H Skov, W Birmili, ...
München: European Geopyhsical Union, 2016
Global analysis of continental boundary layer new particle formation based on long-term measurements
T Nieminen, VM Kerminen, T Petäjä, PP Aalto, M Arshinov, E Asmi, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2018
Carbonaceous aerosol source apportionment using the Aethalometer model-evaluation by radiocarbon and levoglucosan analysis at a rural background site in southern Sweden
J Martinsson, H Abdul Azeem, MK Sporre, R Bergström, E Ahlberg, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17 (6), 4265-4281, 2017
Cloud droplet activation of amino acid aerosol particles
A Kristensson, T Rosenørn, M Bilde
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (1), 379-386, 2010
Long-term cloud condensation nuclei number concentration, particle number size distribution and chemical composition measurements at regionally representative observatories
J Schmale, S Henning, S Decesari, B Henzing, H Keskinen, K Sellegri, ...
Intercomparison of cloud condensation nuclei and hygroscopic fraction measurements: Coated soot particles investigated during the LACIS Experiment in November (LExNo)
JR Snider, H Wex, D Rose, A Kristensson, F Stratmann, T Hennig, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 115 (D11), 2010
Soluble mass, hygroscopic growth, and droplet activation of coated soot particles during LACIS Experiment in November (LExNo)
S Henning, H Wex, T Hennig, A Kiselev, JR Snider, D Rose, U Dusek, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 115 (D11), 2010
Contribution of ship traffic to aerosol particle concentrations downwind of a major shipping lane
N Kivekäs, A Massling, H Grythe, R Lange, V Rusnak, S Carreno, H Skov, ...
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