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Ethanol production from candidate energy crops: Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes L.)
D Mishima, M Kuniki, K Sei, S Soda, M Ike, M Fujita
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E Danzl, K Sei, S Soda, M Ike, M Fujita
International journal of environmental research and public health 6 (4 …, 2009
Accelerated biodegradation of pyrene and benzo [a] pyrene in the Phragmites australis rhizosphere by bacteria–root exudate interactions
T Toyama, T Furukawa, N Maeda, D Inoue, K Sei, K Mori, S Kikuchi, M Ike
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Biodegradation of a variety of bisphenols under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
M Ike, MY Chen, E Danzl, K Sei, M Fujita
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Microbial population dynamics during startup of a full-scale anaerobic digester treating industrial food waste in Kyoto eco-energy project
M Ike, D Inoue, T Miyano, TT Liu, K Sei, S Soda, S Kadoshin
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Evaluation of wastewater reclamation technologies based on in vitro and in vivo bioassays
N Cao, M Yang, Y Zhang, J Hu, M Ike, J Hirotsuji, H Matsui, D Inoue, K Sei
Science of the total environment 407 (5), 1588-1597, 2009
Design of PCR primers and gene probes for the general detection of bacterial populations capable of degrading aromatic compounds via catechol cleavage pathways
K Sei, KI Asano, N Tateishi, K Mori, M Ike, M Fujita
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 88 (5), 542-550, 1999
Biodegradation of bisphenol A and bisphenol F in the rhizosphere sediment of Phragmites australis
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Design of PCR primers and gene probes for general detection of alkane-degrading bacteria
T Kohno, Y Sugimoto, K Sei, K Mori
Microbes and Environments 17 (3), 114-121, 2002
Characterization of Pseudomonas stutzeri NT-I capable of removing soluble selenium from the aqueous phase under aerobic conditions
M Kuroda, E Notaguchi, A Sato, M Yoshioka, A Hasegawa, T Kagami, ...
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 112 (3), 259-264, 2011
Isolation and characterization of bacterial strains that have high ability to degrade 1, 4-dioxane as a sole carbon and energy source
K Sei, K Miyagaki, T Kakinoki, K Fukugasako, D Inoue, M Ike
Biodegradation 24 (5), 665-674, 2013
Accelerated aromatic compounds degradation in aquatic environment by use of interaction between Spirodela polyrrhiza and bacteria in its rhizosphere
T Toyama, N Yu, H Kumada, K Sei, M Ike, M Fujita
Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 101 (4), 346-353, 2006
Monitoring of alkane‐degrading bacteria in a sea‐water microcosm during crude oil degradation by polymerase chain reaction based on alkane‐catabolic genes
K Sei, Y Sugimoto, K Mori, H Maki, T Kohno
Environmental Microbiology 5 (6), 517-522, 2003
Characterization of type 1851 organism isolated from activated sludge samples
T Kohno, K Sei, K Mori
Water Science and Technology 46 (1-2), 111-114, 2002
Bacillus selenatarsenatis sp. nov., a selenate-and arsenate-reducing bacterium isolated from the effluent drain of a glass-manufacturing plant
S Yamamura, M Yamashita, N Fujimoto, M Kuroda, M Kashiwa, K Sei, ...
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 57 (5 …, 2007
Abiotic degradation of four phthalic acid esters in aqueous phase under natural sunlight irradiation
R Lertsirisopon, S Soda, K Sei, M Ike
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Effective selenium volatilization under aerobic conditions and recovery from the aqueous phase by Pseudomonas stutzeri NT-I
T Kagami, T Narita, M Kuroda, E Notaguchi, M Yamashita, K Sei, S Soda, ...
Water research 47 (3), 1361-1368, 2013
Acceleration of Nonylphenol and 4-tert-Octylphenol Degradation in Sediment by Phragmites australis and Associated Rhizosphere Bacteria
T Toyama, M Murashita, K Kobayashi, S Kikuchi, K Sei, Y Tanaka, M Ike, ...
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Comparative study of three two-stage hybrid ecological wastewater treatment systems for producing high nutrient, reclaimed water for irrigation reuse in developing countries
F Zurita, JR White
Water 6 (2), 213-228, 2014
Evaluation of the biodegradation potential of 1, 4-dioxane in river, soil and activated sludge samples
K Sei, T Kakinoki, D Inoue, S Soda, M Fujita, M Ike
Biodegradation 21 (4), 585-591, 2010
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