Kahl Hellmer
Kahl Hellmer
Doktorand, Utvecklingspsykologi, Uppsala universitet
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Spontal: A Swedish Spontaneous Dialogue Corpus of Audio, Video and Motion Capture.
J Edlund, J Beskow, K Elenius, K Hellmer, S Strömbergsson, D House
LREC, 2992-2995, 2010
Itsy bitsy spider…: Infants react with increased arousal to spiders and snakes
S Hoehl, K Hellmer, M Johansson, G Gredebäck
Frontiers in psychology 8, 1710, 2017
Four-year-olds’ strategic allocation of resources: Attempts to elicit reciprocation correlate negatively with spontaneous helping
B Kenward, K Hellmer, LS Winter, M Eriksson
Cognition 136, 1-8, 2015
What's (not) underpinning ambivalent sexism?: Revisiting the roles of ideology, religiosity, personality, demographics, and men's facial hair in explaining hostile and …
K Hellmer, JT Stenson, KM Jylhä
Personality and Individual Differences 122, 29-37, 2018
The eye of the retriever: developing episodic memory mechanisms in preverbal infants assessed through pupil dilation
K Hellmer, H Söderlund, G Gredebäck
Developmental science 21 (2), e12520, 2018
Infant acetylcholine, dopamine, and melatonin dysregulation: Neonatal biomarkers and causal factors for ASD and ADHD phenotypes
K Hellmer, P Nyström
Medical hypotheses 100, 64-66, 2017
Quantifying microtiming patterning and variability in drum kit recordings: a method and some data
K Hellmer, G Madison
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal 33 (2), 147-162, 2015
Right‐Wing Populism and Climate Change Denial: The Roles of Exclusionary and Anti‐Egalitarian Preferences, Conservative Ideology, and Antiestablishment Attitudes
KM Jylhä, K Hellmer
Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 2020
Contradicting Data and Comments on Oldmeadow and Dixson's (2015)" The Association Between Men's Sexist Attitudes and Facial Hair"
K Hellmer, TJ Stenson
Archives of sexual behavior 45 (4), 783-784, 2016
Project presentation: Spontal–multimodal database of spontaneous speech in dialog
J Beskow, J Edlund, K Elenius, K Hellmer, D House, S Strömbergsson
FONETIK 2009, 190, 2009
Preschoolers' conformity (and its motivation) is linked to own and parents' personalities
K Hellmer, G Stenberg, C Fawcett
British Journal of Developmental Psychology 36 (4), 573-588, 2018
The development of a drum machine using the Steinberg VST-specification: Implementation of extracted timing behaviors from human drum performances
K Hellmer
Rendering timbre variance and time deviance in MIDI-controlled contemporary drum performances
K Hellmer
Spädbarns dysreglering av acetylkolin, dopamin och melatonin–nya verktyg för orsakssambandsforskning på ASD och ADHD
K Hellmer, P Nyström
Best Practice, 2017
Angst vor Schlangen und Spinnen ist angeboren
S Hoehl, K Hellmer, M Johansson, G Gredebäck
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 85, 722, 2017
Conformity and its motivations are predicted by preschoolers’ and their parents’ personalities
K Hellmer, G Stenberg, C Fawcett
Populist attitudes and climate change denial: On the roles of conservative values, anti-egalitarianism, xenophobia, and anti-political establishment attitudes
K Jylhä, K Hellmer
The 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political …, 2017
What happens when 3.5-year-olds meet conflicting information? Eye-tracking reveals the conformists and their motivations
K Hellmer, G Stenberg, C Fawcett
SRCD, 2017, Austin, US., 2017
Pupillometry as a Measure of Very Young Infants' Recognition Memory
K Hellmer, H Söderlund, G Gredebäck
ICIS 2016, New Orleans, US., 2016
Pupil Size and Recognition Memory in Infants and Adults
K Hellmer, G Gredebäck, H Söderlund
SRCD, Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, USA. March 2015., 2015
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