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Monolayer graphene/germanium Schottky junction as high-performance self-driven infrared light photodetector
LH Zeng, MZ Wang, H Hu, B Nie, YQ Yu, CY Wu, L Wang, JG Hu, C Xie, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (19), 9362-9366, 2013
Monolayer graphene film on ZnO nanorod array for high‐performance Schottky junction ultraviolet photodetectors
B Nie, JG Hu, LB Luo, C Xie, LH Zeng, P Lv, FZ Li, JS Jie, M Feng, CY Wu, ...
Small 9 (17), 2872-2879, 2013
Light trapping and surface plasmon enhanced high-performance NIR photodetector
LB Luo, LH Zeng, C Xie, YQ Yu, FX Liang, CY Wu, L Wang, JG Hu
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-8, 2014
Total absorption of light in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides by critical coupling
H Li, M Qin, L Wang, X Zhai, R Ren, J Hu
Optics express 25 (25), 31612-31621, 2017
Investigation of multiband plasmonic metamaterial perfect absorbers based on graphene ribbons by the phase-coupled method
H Li, C Ji, Y Ren, J Hu, M Qin, L Wang
Carbon 141, 481-487, 2019
PdSe2 Multilayer on Germanium Nanocones Array with Light Trapping Effect for Sensitive Infrared Photodetector and Image Sensing Application
LB Luo, D Wang, C Xie, JG Hu, XY Zhao, FX Liang
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (22), 1900849, 2019
Wavelength-selective wide-angle light absorption enhancement in monolayers of transition-metal dichalcogenides
HJ Li, YZ Ren, JG Hu, M Qin, LL Wang
Journal of Lightwave Technology 36 (16), 3236-3241, 2018
The effect of plasmonic nanoparticles on the optoelectronic characteristics of CdTe nanowires
LB Luo, XL Huang, MZ Wang, C Xie, CY Wu, JG Hu, L Wang, JA Huang
Small 10 (13), 2645-2652, 2014
Fabrication of p-type ZnSe: Sb nanowires for high-performance ultraviolet light photodetector application
B Nie, LB Luo, JJ Chen, JG Hu, CY Wu, L Wang, YQ Yu, ZF Zhu, JS Jie
Nanotechnology 24 (9), 095603, 2013
p-CdTe nanoribbon/n-silicon nanowires array heterojunctions: photovoltaic devices and zero-power photodetectors
C Xie, LB Luo, LH Zeng, L Zhu, JJ Chen, B Nie, JG Hu, Q Li, CY Wu, ...
CrystEngComm 14 (21), 7222-7228, 2012
Angle-independent strong coupling between plasmonic magnetic resonances and excitons in monolayer WS2
H Li, M Qin, Y Ren, J Hu
Optics Express 27 (16), 22951-22959, 2019
Light Confinement Effect Induced Highly Sensitive, Self‐Driven Near‐Infrared Photodetector and Image Sensor Based on Multilayer PdSe2/Pyramid Si Heterojunction
FX Liang, XY Zhao, JJ Jiang, JG Hu, WQ Xie, J Lv, ZX Zhang, D Wu, ...
Small 15 (44), 1903831, 2019
CTAB assisted synthesis of CuS microcrystals: synthesis, mechanism, and electrical properties
C Wu, G Zhou, D Mao, Z Zhang, Y Wu, W Wang, L Luo, L Wang, Y Yu, ...
Journal of Materials Science & Technology 29 (11), 1047-1052, 2013
Tailoring total absorption in a graphene monolayer covered subwavelength multilayer dielectric grating structure at near-infrared frequencies
J Hu, Y Qing, S Yang, Y Ren, X Wu, W Gao, C Wu
JOSA B 34 (4), 861-868, 2017
Strong longitudinal coupling of Tamm plasmon polaritons in graphene/DBR/Ag hybrid structure
J Hu, E Yao, W Xie, W Liu, D Li, Y Lu, Q Zhan
Optics Express 27 (13), 18642-18652, 2019
Strong coupling of optical interface modes in a 1D topological photonic crystal heterostructure/Ag hybrid system
J Hu, W Liu, W Xie, W Zhang, E Yao, Y Zhang, Q Zhan
Optics Letters 44 (22), 5642-5645, 2019
p-type ZnTe: Ga nanowires: controlled doping and optoelectronic device application
LB Luo, SH Zhang, R Lu, W Sun, QL Fang, CY Wu, JG Hu, L Wang
RSC Advances 5 (18), 13324-13330, 2015
Flexible CuS nanotubes–ITO film Schottky junction solar cells with enhanced light harvesting by using an Ag mirror
C Wu, Z Zhang, Y Wu, P Lv, B Nie, L Luo, L Wang, J Hu, J Jie
Nanotechnology 24 (4), 045402, 2013
High performance nonvolatile memory devices based on Cu2−xSe nanowires
CY Wu, YL Wu, WJ Wang, D Mao, YQ Yu, L Wang, J Xu, JG Hu, LB Luo
Applied Physics Letters 103 (19), 193501, 2013
Tailoring the electrical properties of tellurium nanowires via surface charge transfer doping
LB Luo, FX Liang, XL Huang, TX Yan, JG Hu, YQ Yu, CY Wu, L Wang, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 14 (6), 1-9, 2012
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