Thomas Sedelius
Thomas Sedelius
Professor of Political Science, Dalarna University
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The Tug-of-War between Presidents and Prime Ministers: Semi-Presidentialism in Central and Eastern Europe
T Sedelius
Örebro Studies in Political Science, 2006
Intra-executive conflict and cabinet instability: Effects of semi-presidentialism in Central and Eastern Europe
T Sedelius, J Ekman
Government and Opposition 45 (4), 505-530, 2010
Two decades of semi-presidentialism: issues of intra-executive conflict in Central and Eastern Europe 1991–2011
T Sedelius, O Mashtaler
East European Politics 29 (2), 109-134, 2013
Towards presidential rule in Ukraine: hybrid regime dynamics under semi-presidentialism
T Sedelius, S Berglund
Baltic Journal of Law & Politics 5 (1), 20-45, 2012
Unravelling semi-presidentialism: democracy and government performance in four distinct regime types
T Sedelius, J Linde
Democratization 25 (1), 136-157, 2018
Demokratiseringsprocesser: Nya perspektiv och utmaningar
J Ekman, J Linde, T Sedelius
Studentlitteratur AB, 2014
The Tug-of-War between Presidents and Prime Ministers
T Sedelius
Semi-Presidentialism in Central and Eastern Europe 18 (20), 31-43, 2006
Pro-premiär eller pro-president?: Om distinktionen mellan parlamentarism, presidentialism och semi-presidentialism
T Sedelius
Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift 105 (4), 273-295, 2002
Shifting Power-Centres of Semi-Presidentialism: Exploring Executive Coordination in Lithuania
T Raunio, T Sedelius
Government and Opposition 54 (4), 637-660, 2019
Party presidentialization in Ukraine
T Sedelius
The Presidentialization of Political Parties, 124-141, 2015
Representativ demokrati 2.0: En utvärdering av Malmöinitiativet och Malmöpanelen
J Åström, T Sedelius
Malmö stad, 2010
Dilemmas of semi-presidentialism in Central and Eastern Europe: intra-executive conflict and cabinet instability
T Sedelius, J Ekman
NOPSA, Tromsö, Aug 2008, 2008
Semi-presidentialism in Post-Communist Countries: An Outline for Dissertation Project on Executive Legislative Realtions in Transitional Semi-presidential Countries
S Thomas
Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA) 15-17 Aug, 2002, 2002
Electoral Engineering in the Post-Soviet Context: the Ukrainian Case
T Sedelius
ECPR Joint Session of Workshops, Grenoble, France, 6-11, 2001
National linkages and ambiguous EU approaches among European civil society organisations
E Lundberg, T Sedelius
Journal of Contemporary European Research 10 (3), 323-336, 2014
A Troubled Tandem?: Character and Issues of Intra-Executive Conflict under Semi-Presidentialism
T Sedelius, O Mashtaler
International Political Science Association (IPSA), Madrid 8-12 July 2012, 2012
Representativ demokrati 2.0
J Åström, T Sedelius
En utvärdering av Malmöinitiativet och Malmöpanelen (Malmö: Malmö stad), 2010
Alternatives to Democracy: The Resilience of Authoritarian and Elitist Preferences
K Duvold, T Sedelius
CEPSA Annual Yearbook, 2004
A Structured Review of Semi-Presidential Studies: Debates, Results and Missing Pieces
J Åberg, T Sedelius
British Journal of Political Science, 1-26, 2018
Inspection of social services in Sweden: a comparative analysis of the use and adjustment of standards
E Hämberg, T Sedelius
Nordic Social Work Research 6 (2), 138-151, 2016
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