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Projected phase-change memory devices
WW Koelmans, A Sebastian, VP Jonnalagadda, D Krebs, L Dellmann, ...
Nature communications 6, 8181, 2015
Oxygenated amorphous carbon for resistive memory applications
CA Santini, A Sebastian, C Marchiori, VP Jonnalagadda, L Dellmann, ...
Nature communications 6, 8600, 2015
Amorphous carbon active contact layer for reliable nanoelectromechanical switches
D Grogg, CL Ayala, U Drechsler, A Sebastian, WW Koelmans, SJ Bleiker, ...
2014 IEEE 27th international conference on micro electro mechanical systems …, 2014
Selective low concentration ammonia sensing in a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip
BH Timmer, M van Delft, WW Koelmans, W Olthuis, A van den Berg
IEEE sensors journal 6 (3), 829-835, 2006
Microneedle characterization using a double-layer skin simulant
WW Koelmans, G Krishnamoorthy, A Heskamp, J Wissink, S Misra, N Tas
Mechanical Engineering Research 3 (2), 51, 2013
Memory mass storage
G Campardo, F Tiziani, M Iaculo
Springer Science & Business Media, 2011
Temperature evolution in nanoscale carbon-based memory devices due to local Joule heating
TA Bachmann, AM Alexeev, WW Koelmans, F Zipoli, AK Ott, C Dou, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 16 (5), 806-811, 2017
Carbon-based resistive memories
WW Koelmans, T Bachmann, F Zipoli, AK Ott, C Dou, AC Ferrari, ...
2016 IEEE 8th International Memory Workshop (IMW), 1-4, 2016
Note: Micro-cantilevers with AlN actuators and PtSi tips for multi-frequency atomic force microscopy
A Sebastian, N Shamsudhin, H Rothuizen, U Drechsler, WW Koelmans, ...
Review of scientific instruments 83 (9), 096107, 2012
Cantilever arrays with self-aligned nanotips of uniform height
WW Koelmans, T Peters, E Berenschot, MJ de Boer, MH Siekman, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (13), 135301, 2012
Mechanical resonator with a spring-mass system comprising a phase-change material
JBC Engelen, MA Lantz, WW Koelmans
US Patent 9,584,092, 2017
Nonvolatile resistive memory devices based on hydrogenated amorphous carbon
L Dellmann, A Sebastian, P Jonnalagadda, CA Santini, WW Koelmans, ...
2013 Proceedings of the European Solid-State Device Research Conference …, 2013
Parallel optical readout of cantilever arrays in dynamic mode
WW Koelmans, J Van Honschoten, J de Vries, P Vettiger, L Abelmann, ...
Nanotechnology 21 (39), 395503, 2010
Resistive memory device
VSP Jonnalagadda, BJ Kersting, WW Koelmans, M Salinga, A Sebastian
US Patent 10,283,704, 2019
Nanotesla torque magnetometry using a microcantilever
JW Van Honschoten, WW Koelmans, SM Konings, L Abelmann, ...
Eurosensors XXII, European Conference on Solid-State Transducers, 2008
Probe-based data storage
WW Koelmans, JBC Engelen, L Abelmann
arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.08755, 2015
Oxygenated amorphous carbon for resistive memory applications Nat
CA Santini, A Sebastian, C Marchiori, VP Jonnalagadda, L Dellmann, ...
Commun 6, 8600, 2015
Double layer staggered roller installed hand truck for easy loading and unloading
J Choi, Y Chee
US Patent App. 10/395,732, 2004
Memristive effects in oxygenated amorphous carbon nanodevices
TA Bachmann, WW Koelmans, VP Jonnalagadda, M Le Gallo, CA Santini, ...
Nanotechnology 29 (3), 035201, 2017
Force modulation for enhanced nanoscale electrical sensing
WW Koelmans, A Sebastian, L Abelmann, M Despont, H Pozidis
Nanotechnology 22 (35), 355706, 2011
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