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Alternating direction methods for classical and ptychographic phase retrieval
Z Wen, C Yang, X Liu, S Marchesini
Inverse Problems 28 (11), 115010, 2012
Limited memory block Krylov subspace optimization for computing dominant singular value decompositions
X Liu, Z Wen, Y Zhang
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 35 (3), A1641-A1668, 2013
Trace-penalty minimization for large-scale eigenspace computation
Z Wen, C Yang, X Liu, Y Zhang
Journal of Scientific Computing 66 (3), 1175-1203, 2016
On the convergence of the self-consistent field iteration in Kohn--Sham density functional theory
X Liu, X Wang, Z Wen, Y Yuan
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An efficient Gauss--Newton algorithm for symmetric low-rank product matrix approximations
X Liu, Z Wen, Y Zhang
SIAM Journal on Optimization 25 (3), 1571-1608, 2015
Asset allocation under the basel accord risk measures
Z Wen, X Peng, X Liu, X Sun, X Bai
arXiv preprint arXiv:1308.1321, 2013
On the analysis of the discretized Kohn--Sham density functional theory
X Liu, Z Wen, X Wang, M Ulbrich, Y Yuan
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 53 (4), 1758-1785, 2015
Extended ADMM and BCD for nonseparable convex minimization models with quadratic coupling terms: convergence analysis and insights
C Chen, M Li, X Liu, Y Ye
Mathematical Programming 173 (1-2), 37-77, 2019
A new first-order algorithmic framework for optimization problems with orthogonality constraints
B Gao, X Liu, X Chen, Y Yuan
SIAM Journal on Optimization 28 (1), 302-332, 2018
On the nonergodic convergence rate of an inexact augmented lagrangian framework for composite convex programming
YF Liu, X Liu, S Ma
Mathematics of Operations Research 44 (2), 632-650, 2019
A Note on Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for Polynomial Optimization Over a Single Sphere
J Hu, B Jiang, X Liu, Z Wen
Globally convergent Levenberg-Marquardt method for phase retrieval
C Ma, X Liu, Z Wen
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 65 (4), 2343-2359, 2018
On the convergence of multi-block alternating direction method of multipliers and block coordinate descent method
C Chen, M Li, X Liu, Y Ye
arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.00193 3 (5), 6, 2015
On the {\L} ojasiewicz exponent of the quadratic sphere constrained optimization problem
B Gao, X Liu, X Chen, Y Yuan
arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.08781, 2016
Introduction to compressive sensing and sparse optimization
Z Wen, W Yin, X Liu, Y Zhang
OR Transactions 16 (3), 49-64, 2012
Uniform bounds on the 1-norm of the inverse of lower triangular Toeplitz matrices
X Liu, S McKee, JY Yuan, YX Yuan
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A sequential subspace project method for linear eigenvalue problem
X Liu, C Hao, M Cheng
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A parallel line search subspace correction method for composite convex optimization
Q Dong, X Liu, ZW Wen, YX Yuan
Journal of the Operations Research Society of China 3 (2), 163-187, 2015
On the analysis of the discretized Kohn-Sham density functional theory
X Liu, Z Wen, X Wang, M Ulbrich, Y Yuan
arXiv preprint arXiv:1402.5052, 2014
On the separable nonlinear least squares problems
X Liu, Y Yuan
Journal of Computational Mathematics, 390-403, 2008
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