Larisa A. Tsarkova
Larisa A. Tsarkova
Privat Dozent, Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University
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Substrate-induced phase transitions in thin films of cylinder-forming diblock copolymer melts
L Tsarkova, A Knoll, G Krausch, R Magerle
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Combining Graphoepitaxy and Electric Fields toward Uniaxial Alignment of Solvent-Annealed Polystyrene–b–Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Block Copolymers
CC Kathrein, W Bai, JA Currivan-Incorvia, G Liontos, K Ntetsikas, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (19), 6890-6898, 2015
Self‐Templating Amphiphilic Polymer Precursors for Fabricating Mesostructured Silica Particles: A Water‐Based Facile and Universal Method
H Wang, G Agrawal, L Tsarkova, X Zhu, M Möller
Advanced Materials 25 (7), 1017-1021, 2013
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“Micro-structure–macro-response” relationship in swollen block copolymer films
J Gensel, C Liedel, HG Schoberth, L Tsarkova
Soft Matter 5 (13), 2534-2537, 2009
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