Heather E. Campbell
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Prices, Devices, People, or Rules: The Relative Effectiveness of Policy Instruments in Water Conservation1
HE Campbell, RM Johnson, EH Larson
Review of policy research 21 (5), 637-662, 2004
Aviation noise and environmental justice: The barrio barrier
RR Sobotta, HE Campbell, BJ Owens
Journal of Regional Science 47 (1), 125-154, 2007
Justice for all? A cross‐time analysis of toxics release inventory facility location
HE Campbell, LR Peck, MK Tschudi
Review of Policy Research 27 (1), 1-25, 2010
Why Some Schools with Latino Children Beat the Odds... and Others Don't.
MJ Waits, HE Campbell, R Gau, E Jacobs, T Rex, RK Hess
Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Arizona State University, 2006
Evaluating teaching: Listening to students while acknowledging bias
S Steiner, LC Holley, K Gerdes, HE Campbell
Journal of Social Work Education 42 (2), 355-376, 2006
What's looks got to do with it? Instructor appearance and student evaluations of teaching
HE Campbell, K Gerdes, S Steiner
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management: The Journal of the Association …, 2005
Providing refuge: the value of domestic violence shelter services
SA Chanley, JJ Chanley Jr, HE Campbell
The American Review of Public Administration 31 (4), 393-413, 2001
Rethinking environmental justice in sustainable cities: Insights from agent-based modeling
HE Campbell, Y Kim, AM Eckerd
Routledge, 2015
Gentrification and displacement: Modeling a complex urban process
A Eckerd, Y Kim, H Campbell
Housing Policy Debate 29 (2), 273-295, 2019
Residential choice constraints and environmental justice
Y Kim, H Campbell, A Eckerd
Social Science Quarterly 95 (1), 40-56, 2014
Local zoning and environmental justice: An agent-based model analysis
HE Campbell, Y Kim, A Eckerd
Urban Affairs Review 50 (4), 521-552, 2014
Student evaluations of teaching: How you teach and who you are
HE Campbell, S Steiner, K Gerdes
Journal of Public Affairs Education 11 (3), 211-231, 2005
Helping those like us or harming those unlike us: Illuminating social processes leading to environmental injustice
A Eckerd, H Campbell, Y Kim
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 39 (5), 945-964, 2012
Urban environmental policy analysis
HE Campbell, EA Corley
Routledge, 2015
Some best bets in residential water conservation: result of multivariate regression analysis, City of Phoenix, 1990-1996
HE Campbell, EH Larson, RM Johnson, MJ Waits
Morrison Institute for Public Policy, 1999
Environmental inequities and water policy during a drought: Burdened communities, minority residents, and cutback assignments
K Wikstrom, T Miller, HE Campbell, M Tschudi
Review of Policy Research 36 (1), 4-27, 2019
The politics of requesting: Strategic behavior and public utility regulation
HE Campbell
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 15 (3), 395-423, 1996
Cheating, public administration education, and online courses: An essay and call to arms
HE Campbell
Journal of Public Affairs Education 12 (1), 33-47, 2006
Teaching program evaluation to public administration students in a single course: An experiential solution
H Campbell, BJ Tatro
Journal of Public Affairs Education 4 (2), 101-122, 1998
Using Bayesian methods to control for spatial autocorrelation in environmental justice research: an illustration using toxics release inventory data for a Sunbelt county
Y Chun, Y Kim, H Campbell
Journal of Urban Affairs 34 (4), 419-439, 2012
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