Nial Wassdahl
Nial Wassdahl
Research engineer
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Soft x‐ray emission spectroscopy using monochromatized synchrotron radiation
J Nordgren, G Bray, S Cramm, R Nyholm, JE Rubensson, N Wassdahl
Review of Scientific Instruments 60 (7), 1690-1696, 1989
Soft-x-ray resonant inelastic scattering at the C K edge of diamond
Y Ma, N Wassdahl, P Skytt, J Guo, J Nordgren, PD Johnson, ...
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Induced spin polarization in Cu spacer layers in Co/Cu multilayers
MG Samant, J Stöhr, SSP Parkin, GA Held, BD Hermsmeier, F Herman, ...
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Core excitons and vibronic coupling in diamond and graphite
Y Ma, P Skytt, N Wassdahl, P Glans, J Guo, J Nordgren
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The adsorption structure of glycine adsorbed on Cu (110); comparison with formate and acetateCu (110)
J Hasselström, O Karis, M Weinelt, N Wassdahl, A Nilsson, M Nyberg, ...
Surface science 407 (1-3), 221-236, 1998
The electronic structure and surface chemistry of glycine adsorbed on Cu (110)
M Nyberg, J Hasselström, O Karis, N Wassdahl, M Weinelt, A Nilsson, ...
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P Skytt, P Glans, DC Mancini, JH Guo, N Wassdahl, J Nordgren, Y Ma
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Beamline I511 at MAX II, capabilities and performance
R Denecke, P Väterlein, M Bässler, N Wassdahl, S Butorin, A Nilsson, ...
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SM Butorin, DC Mancini, JH Guo, N Wassdahl, J Nordgren, M Nakazawa, ...
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P Glans, K Gunnelin, P Skytt, JH Guo, N Wassdahl, J Nordgren, H Ågren, ...
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Resonant Photoemission at the Edges of Ni: Resonant Raman and Interference Effects
M Weinelt, A Nilsson, M Magnuson, T Wiell, N Wassdahl, O Karis, ...
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One-step and two-step description of deexcitation processes in weakly interacting systems
O Karis, A Nilsson, M Weinelt, T Wiell, C Puglia, N Wassdahl, ...
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An atom-specific look at the surface chemical bond
A Nilsson, M Weinelt, T Wiell, P Bennich, O Karis, N Wassdahl, J Stöhr, ...
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Electronic structures of α-Fe 2 O 3 and Fe 3 O 4 from O K-edge absorption and emission spectroscopy
Y Ma, PD Johnson, N Wassdahl, J Guo, P Skytt, J Nordgren, SD Kevan, ...
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Symmetry-selective resonant inelastic x-ray scattering of C 60
Y Luo, H Ågren, F Gel’mukhanov, J Guo, P Skytt, N Wassdahl, J Nordgren
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Probing symmetry breaking upon core excitation with resonant x-ray fluorescence
P Skytt, J Guo, N Wassdahl, J Nordgren, Y Luo, H Ågren
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Magnetic dichroism in L 2, 3 emission of Fe, Co, and Ni following energy-dependent excitation with circularly polarized x rays
LC Duda, J Stöhr, DC Mancini, A Nilsson, N Wassdahl, J Nordgren, ...
Physical Review B 50 (22), 16758, 1994
Synchrotron-radiation-excited soft-x-ray-fluorescence studies of Cu and Zn: On the validity of the sudden approximation
N Wassdahl, JE Rubensson, G Bray, P Glans, P Bleckert, R Nyholm, ...
Physical review letters 64 (23), 2807, 1990
Ground-state interpretation of x-ray emission spectroscopy on adsorbates: CO adsorbed on Cu (100)
A Föhlisch, J Hasselström, P Bennich, N Wassdahl, O Karis, A Nilsson, ...
Physical Review B 61 (23), 16229, 2000
Electronic structure of benzene on Ni (100) and Cu (110): An x-ray-spectroscopy study
M Weinelt, N Wassdahl, T Wiell, O Karis, J Hasselström, P Bennich, ...
Physical Review B 58 (11), 7351, 1998
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