Eduardo Zabaleta
Eduardo Zabaleta
CONICET, Argentina
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Carbonic anhydrase subunits form a matrix-exposed domain attached to the membrane arm of mitochondrial complex I in plants
S Sunderhaus, NV Dudkina, L Jänsch, J Klodmann, J Heinemeyer, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (10), 6482-6488, 2006
Disruption of a nuclear gene encoding a mitochondrial gamma carbonic anhydrase reduces complex I and supercomplex I+ III2 levels and alters mitochondrial physiology in Arabidopsis
M Perales, H Eubel, J Heinemeyer, A Colaneri, E Zabaleta, HP Braun
Journal of molecular biology 350 (2), 263-277, 2005
The response regulator ARR2: a pollen-specific transcription factor involved in the expression of nuclear genes for components of mitochondrial complex I in Arabidopsis
J Lohrmann, U Sweere, E Zabaleta, I Baurle, C Keitel, L Kozma-Bognar, ...
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 265 (1), 2-13, 2001
MADS-box genes expressed during tomato seed and fruit development
MV Busi, C Bustamante, C D'angelo, M Hidalgo-Cuevas, SB Boggio, ...
Plant molecular biology 52 (4), 801-815, 2003
Physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects of mitochondrial complex I in plants
AG Rasmusson, V Heiser, E Zabaleta, A Brennicke, L Grohmann
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1364 (2), 101-111, 1998
Gamma carbonic anhydrases in plant mitochondria
G Parisi, M Perales, M Fornasari, A Colaneri, N Schain, D Casati, ...
Plant molecular biology 55 (2), 193-207, 2004
Impairment of tapetum and mitochondria in engineered male-sterile tobacco plants
M Hernould, S Suharsono, E Zabaleta, JP Carde, S Litvak, A Araya, ...
Plant Molecular Biology 36 (4), 499-508, 1998
Sucrose synthase expression during cold acclimation in wheat
MD Crespi, EJ Zabaleta, HG Pontis, GL Salerno
Plant physiology 96 (3), 887-891, 1991
Deficiency of Arabidopsis thaliana frataxin alters activity of mitochondrial Fe–S proteins and induces oxidative stress
MV Busi, MV Maliandi, H Valdez, M Clemente, EJ Zabaleta, A Araya, ...
The Plant Journal 48 (6), 873-882, 2006
Transgenic male-sterile plant induced by an unedited atp9 gene is restored to fertility by inhibiting its expression with antisense RNA
E Zabaleta, A Mouras, M Hernould, A Araya
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93 (20), 11259-11263, 1996
oiwa, a female gametophytic mutant impaired in a mitochondrial manganese-superoxide dismutase, reveals crucial roles for reactive oxygen species during embryo sac development …
MV Martin, DF Fiol, V Sundaresan, EJ Zabaleta, GC Pagnussat
The Plant Cell 25 (5), 1573-1591, 2013
Promoters of nuclear-encoded respiratory chain complex I genes from Arabidopsis thaliana contain a region essential for anther/pollen-specific expression.
E Zabaleta, V Heiser, L Grohmann, A Brennicke
The Plant journal: for cell and molecular biology 15 (1), 49-59, 1998
Carbonic anhydrase subunits of the mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase complex (complex I) in plants
HP Braun, E Zabaleta
Physiologia Plantarum 129 (1), 114-122, 2007
Nitric oxide accumulation is required to protect against iron-mediated oxidative stress in frataxin-deficient Arabidopsis plants
M Martin, MJR Colman, DF Gómez-Casati, L Lamattina, EJ Zabaleta
FEBS letters 583 (3), 542-548, 2009
A basal carbon concentrating mechanism in plants?
E Zabaleta, MV Martin, HP Braun
Plant Science 187, 97-104, 2012
Gamma carbonic anhydrase like complex interact with plant mitochondrial complex I
M Perales, G Parisi, MS Fornasari, A Colaneri, F Villarreal, ...
Plant molecular biology 56 (6), 947-957, 2004
Functional and molecular characterization of the frataxin homolog from Arabidopsis thaliana,
MV Busi, EJ Zabaleta, A Araya, DF Gomez-Casati
FEBS letters 576 (1-2), 141-144, 2004
Nitric oxide, nitrosyl iron complexes, ferritin and frataxin: a well equipped team to preserve plant iron homeostasis
L Ramirez, M Simontacchi, I Murgia, E Zabaleta, L Lamattina
Plant Science 181 (5), 582-592, 2011
A mitochondrial dysfunction induces the expression of nuclear‐encoded complex I genes in engineered male sterile Arabidopsis thaliana
DF Gómez-Casati, MV Busi, N Gonzalez-Schain, A Mouras, EJ Zabaleta, ...
FEBS letters 532 (1-2), 70-74, 2002
Recombinant plant gamma carbonic anhydrase homotrimers bind inorganic carbon
V Martin, F Villarreal, I Miras, A Navaza, A Haouz, RM González-Lebrero, ...
FEBS letters 583 (21), 3425-3430, 2009
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