Andrei Kholkin
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Nanoscale ferroelectrics: processing, characterization and future trends
A Gruverman, A Kholkin
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AL Kholkin, C Wütchrich, DV Taylor, N Setter
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A Kholkin, N Amdursky, I Bdikin, E Gazit, G Rosenman
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VA Khomchenko, DA Kiselev, IK Bdikin, VV Shvartsman, P Borisov, ...
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DA Bonnell, SV Kalinin, AL Kholkin, A Gruverman
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AL Kholkin, EL Colla, AK Tagantsev, DV Taylor, N Setter
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Lead-free piezoelectrics: Current status and perspectives
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IO Troyanchuk, DV Karpinsky, MV Bushinsky, VA Khomchenko, ...
Physical Review B 83 (5), 054109, 2011
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