Julian Carrillo-Reyes
Julian Carrillo-Reyes
Researcher, Instituto de Ingeniería, UNAM
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Different start-up strategies to enhance biohydrogen production from cheese whey in UASB reactors
J Carrillo-Reyes, LB Celis, F Alatriste-Mondragón, E Razo-Flores
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37 (7), 5591-5601, 2012
Inoculum pretreatment promotes differences in hydrogen production performance in EGSB reactors
C Cisneros-Pérez, J Carrillo-Reyes, LB Celis, F Alatriste-Mondragón, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 40 (19), 6329-6339, 2015
Microbial communities from 20 different hydrogen-producing reactors studied by 454 pyrosequencing
C Etchebehere, E Castelló, J Wenzel, M del Pilar Anzola-Rojas, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 100 (7), 3371-3384, 2016
Continuous hydrogen and methane production in a two-stage cheese whey fermentation system
CB Cota-Navarro, J Carrillo-Reyes, G Davila-Vazquez, ...
Water Science and Technology 64 (2), 367-374, 2011
Biological pretreatments of microalgal biomass for gaseous biofuel production and the potential use of rumen microorganisms: A review
J Carrillo-Reyes, M Barragán-Trinidad, G Buitrón
Algal research 18, 341-351, 2016
Biohydrogen from food waste in a discontinuous process: effect of HRT and microbial community analysis
I Moreno-Andrade, J Carrillo-Reyes, SG Santiago, MC Bujanos-Adame
international journal of hydrogen energy 40 (48), 17246-17252, 2015
Decreasing methane production in hydrogenogenic UASB reactors fed with cheese whey
J Carrillo-Reyes, LB Celis, F Alatriste-Mondragón, E Razo-Flores
Biomass and bioenergy 63, 101-108, 2014
Biohydrogen and methane production via a two-step process using an acid pretreated native microalgae consortium
J Carrillo-Reyes, G Buitrón
Bioresource technology 221, 324-330, 2016
Hydrolysis of microalgal biomass using ruminal microorganisms as a pretreatment to increase methane recovery
M Barragán-Trinidad, J Carrillo-Reyes, G Buitrón
Bioresource Technology 244, 100-107, 2017
Strategies to cope with methanogens in hydrogen producing UASB reactors: community dynamics
J Carrillo-Reyes, LB Celis, F Alatriste-Mondragón, L Montoya, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (22), 11423-11432, 2014
Effect of inoculum pretreatment on the microbial community structure and its performance during dark fermentation using anaerobic fluidized-bed reactors
C Cisneros-Pérez, C Etchebehere, LB Celis, J Carrillo-Reyes, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (15), 9589-9599, 2017
Biohydrogen production from microalgae
G Buitrón, J Carrillo-Reyes, M Morales, C Faraloni, G Torzillo
Microalgae-based biofuels and bioproducts, 209-234, 2017
Influence of added nutrients and substrate concentration in biohydrogen production from winery wastewaters coupled to methane production
J Carrillo-Reyes, BA Albarrán-Contreras, G Buitrón
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 187 (1), 140-151, 2019
Cell wash-out enrichment increases the stability and performance of biohydrogen producing packed-bed reactors and the community transition along the operation time
J Carrillo-Reyes, MA Cortés-Carmona, CD Bárcenas-Ruiz, E Razo-Flores
Renewable Energy 97, 266-273, 2016
Stability problems in the hydrogen production by dark fermentation: Possible causes and solutions
E Castelló, ADN Ferraz-Junior, C Andreani, M del Pilar Anzola-Rojas, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 119, 109602, 2020
Sulfide-oxidizing bacteria establishment in an innovative microaerobic reactor with an internal silicone membrane for sulfur recovery from wastewater
F Valdes, PR Camiloti, RP Rodriguez, TP Delforno, J Carrillo-Reyes, ...
Biodegradation 27 (2), 119-130, 2016
High robustness of a simplified microbial consortium producing hydrogen in long term operation of a biofilm fermentative reactor
J Carrillo-Reyes, E Trably, N Bernet, E Latrille, E Razo-Flores
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (4), 2367-2376, 2016
Pretreatment and upward liquid velocity effects over granulation in hydrogen producing EGSB reactors
CD Bárcenas-Ruiz, J Carrillo-Reyes, L Arellano-García, LB Celis, ...
Biochemical Engineering Journal 107, 75-84, 2016
A comparison of biological, enzymatic, chemical and hydrothermal pretreatments for producing biomethane from Agave bagasse
I Valdez-Vazquez, F Alatriste-Mondragón, J Arreola-Vargas, G Buitrón, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 145, 112160, 2020
Biohydrogen production from winery effluents: control of the homoacetogenesis through the headspace gas recirculation
G Buitrón, KM MuñozPáez, G Quijano, J CarrilloReyes, ...
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 95 (3), 544-552, 2020
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