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ecospat: an R package to support spatial analyses and modeling of species niches and distributions
A Di Cola, V. , Broennimann, O., Petitpierre, B., Breiner, F. T., D'Amen, M ...
Ecography, 2016
Within‐taxon niche structure: niche conservatism, divergence and predicted effects of climate change
PB Pearman, M D'Amen, CH Graham, W Thuiller, NE Zimmermann
Ecography 33, 990-1003, 2010
Global warming and biodiversity: Evidence of climate-linked amphibian declines in Italy
M D’Amen, P Bombi
Biological Conservation 142 (12), 3060-3067, 2009
Spatial predictions at the community level: from current approaches to future frameworks
M D’Amen, C Rahbek, N Zimmermann, G A
Biological Reviews, 2015
Conservation of phylogeographic lineages under climate change
M D’Amen, NE Zimmermann, PB Pearman
Global Ecology and Biogeography 22 (1), 93-104, 2013
ecospat: Spatial ecology miscellaneous methods
O Broennimann, B Petitpierre, C Randin, R Engler, F Breiner, M D'Amen, ...
R package version 1, 2015
Will climate change reduce the efficacy of protected areas for amphibian conservation in Italy?
M D'Amen, P Bombi, PB Pearman, DR Schmatz, NE Zimmermann, ...
Biological Conservation 144, 989–997, 2011
Using species richness and functional traits predictions to constrain assemblage predictions from stacked species distribution models.
A D’Amen M., Dubuis A., Fernandes R.F., Pottier J., Pellisser L., Guisan
Journal of Biogeography, 2015
Protected areas and insect conservation: questioning the effectiveness of N atura 2000 network for saproxylic beetles in I taly
M D'Amen, P Bombi, A Campanaro, L Zapponi, MA Bologna, F Mason
Animal Conservation 16 (4), 370-378, 2013
ecospat: Spatial ecology miscellaneous methods. R package version 2.1. 1
O Broennimann, V Di Cola, A Guisan
Scaling down distribution maps from atlas data: a test of different approaches with virtual species
P Bombi, M D’Amen
Journal of Biogeography 39 (4), 640-651, 2012
When the method for mapping species matters: defining priority areas for conservation of African freshwater turtles
P Bombi, L Luiselli, M D’Amen
Diversity and Distributions 17 (4), 581-592, 2011
Fire management, climate change and their interacting effects on birds in complex Mediterranean landscapes: dynamic distribution modelling of an early-successional species—the …
A Regos, M D’Amen, S Herrando, A Guisan, L Brotons
J Ornithol, 2015
Disentangling biotic interactions, environmental filters, and dispersal limitation as drivers of species co‐occurrence
M D'Amen, HK Mod, NJ Gotelli, A Guisan
Ecography 41 (8), 1233-1244, 2018
Predicting richness and composition in mountain insect communities at high resolution: a new test of the SESAM framework
A D’Amen M., Pradervand J-N, Guisan
Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2015
Predicting the future effectiveness of protected areas for bird conservation in Mediterranean ecosystems under climate change and novel fire regime scenarios
A Regos, M DAmen, N Titeux, S Herrando, A Guisan, L Brotons
Diversity & Distribution, 2015
The effects of temperature and pH on the embryonic development of two species of Triturus (Caudata: Salamandridae)
L Vignoli, M Bologna, M D'Amen
Amphibia-Reptilia 28 (2), 295-300, 2007
A model of co-occurrence: segregation and aggregation patterns in the mycoflora of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii in Lake Trasimeno (central Italy)
AJM Dörr, AC Elia, M Rodolfi, L Garzoli, AM Picco, M D'Amen, M Scalici
Journal of Limnology 71 (1), e14-e14, 2012
Wildfire–vegetation dynamics affect predictions of climate change impact on bird communities
A Regos, M Clavero, M D'Amen, A Guisan, L Brotons
Ecography 41 (6), 982-995, 2018
A multi-scale looping approach to predict spatially dynamic patterns of functional species richness in changing landscapes
Ecological Indicators 64, 92–104, 2016
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