Helene H. Wagner
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The vegan package
J Oksanen, R Kindt, P Legendre, B O’Hara, MHH Stevens, MJ Oksanen, ...
Community ecology package 10, 631-637, 2007
Vegan: community ecology package. R package version 1.17-4
J Oksanen, FG Blanchet, R Kindt, P Legendre, RB O’hara, GL Simpson, ...
URL http://CRAN. R-project. org/package= vegan, 2010
Spatial analysis of landscapes: concepts and statistics
HH Wagner, MJ Fortin
Ecology 86 (8), 1975-1987, 2005
Landscape genetics
R Holderegger, HH Wagner
Bioscience 58 (3), 199-207, 2008
Community ecology in the age of multivariate multiscale spatial analysis
S Dray, R Pélissier, P Couteron, MJ Fortin, P Legendre, PR Peres-Neto, ...
Ecological Monographs 82 (3), 257-275, 2012
Additive partitioning of plant species diversity in an agricultural mosaic landscape
HH Wagner, O Wildi, KC Ewald
Landscape Ecology 15 (3), 219-227, 2000
Package ‘vegan’community ecology package
J Oksanen, FG Blanchet, R Kindt, P Legendre, PR Minchin, RB O’hara, ...
See https://cran. r-project. org/web/packages/vegan/index. html, 2018
Plant species richness and environmental heterogeneity in a mountain landscape: effects of variability and spatial configuration
A Dufour, F Gadallah, HH Wagner, A Guisan, A Buttler
Ecography 29 (4), 573-584, 2006
Identifying future research needs in landscape genetics: where to from here?
N Balkenhol, F Gugerli, SA Cushman, LP Waits, A Coulon, JW Arntzen, ...
Landscape Ecology 24 (4), 455, 2009
A brief guide to landscape genetics
R Holderegger, H Wagner
Landscape ecology 21 (6), 793-796, 2006
Quantifying dispersal and establishment limitation in a population of an epiphytic lichen
S Werth, HH Wagner, F Gugerli, R Holderegger, D Csencsics, JM Kalwij, ...
Ecology 87 (8), 2037-2046, 2006
Spatial covariance in plant communities: integrating ordination, geostatistics, and variance testing
HH Wagner
Ecology 84 (4), 1045-1057, 2003
adespatial: Multivariate multiscale spatial analysis
S Dray, G Blanchet, D Borcard, G Guenard, T Jombart, G Larocque, ...
R package version 0.0 3, 2016
Package ‘vegan’. Community ecology package, version 2
J Oksanen, FG Blanchet, R Kindt, P Legendre, PR Minchin, R O’hara, ...
R Foundation for Statistical Computing, 2013
Effects of sample size, number of markers, and allelic richness on the detection of spatial genetic pattern
EL Landguth, BC Fedy, SJ OYLER‐McCANCE, AL Garey, SL Emel, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 12 (2), 276-284, 2012
Vegan: community ecology package. R package version 2.0-10
SGL RB, P Solymos, MHH Stevens, H Wagner
Quantifying habitat specificity to assess the contribution of a patch to species richness at a landscape scale
HH Wagner, PJ Edwards
Landscape Ecology 16 (2), 121-131, 2001
Direct multi‐scale ordination with canonical correspondence analysis
HH Wagner
Ecology 85 (2), 342-351, 2004
Vertical and horizontal photobiont transmission within populations of a lichen symbiosis
F Dal Grande, I Widmer, HH Wagner, C Scheidegger
Molecular ecology 21 (13), 3159-3172, 2012
Effect of disturbances on the genetic diversity of an old‐forest associated lichen
S Werth, HH Wagner, R Holderegger, JM Kalwij, C Scheidegger
Molecular Ecology 15 (4), 911-921, 2006
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