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The ancient drug salicylate directly activates AMP-activated protein kinase
SA Hawley, MD Fullerton, FA Ross, JD Schertzer, C Chevtzoff, KJ Walker, ...
Science 336 (6083), 918-922, 2012
Chaperoned ubiquitylation—crystal structures of the CHIP U box E3 ubiquitin ligase and a CHIP-Ubc13-Uev1a complex
M Zhang, M Windheim, SM Roe, M Peggie, P Cohen, C Prodromou, ...
Molecular cell 20 (4), 525-538, 2005
Exploitation of KESTREL to identify NDRG family members as physiological substrates for SGK1 and GSK3
JT Murray, DG Campbell, N Morrice, GC Auld, N Shpiro, R Marquez, ...
Biochemical Journal 384 (3), 477-488, 2004
Use of the Pharmacological Inhibitor BX795 to Study the Regulation and Physiological Roles of TBK1 and IκB Kinase ϵ: a distinct upstream kinase mediates Ser-172 phosphorylation …
K Clark, L Plater, M Peggie, P Cohen
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (21), 14136-14146, 2009
Two novel phosphorylation sites on FKHR that are critical for its nuclear exclusion
G Rena, YL Woods, AR Prescott, M Peggie, TG Unterman, MR Williams, ...
The EMBO journal 21 (9), 2263-2271, 2002
p38γ regulates the localisation of SAP97 in the cytoskeleton by modulating its interaction with GKAP
G Sabio, JSC Arthur, Y Kuma, M Peggie, J Carr, V Murray‐Tait, F Centeno, ...
The EMBO journal 24 (6), 1134-1145, 2005
Control of AMPK-related kinases by USP9X and atypical Lys29/Lys33-linked polyubiquitin chains
AK Al-Hakim, A Zagorska, L Chapman, M Deak, M Peggie, DR Alessi
Biochemical Journal 411 (2), 249-260, 2008
Novel cross-talk within the IKK family controls innate immunity
K Clark, M Peggie, L Plater, RJ Sorcek, ERR Young, JB Madwed, ...
Biochemical journal 434 (1), 93-104, 2011
Inhibition of SAPK2a/p38 prevents hnRNP A0 phosphorylation by MAPKAP‐K2 and its interaction with cytokine mRNAs
S Rousseau, N Morrice, M Peggie, DG Campbell, M Gaestel, P Cohen
The EMBO journal 21 (23), 6505-6514, 2002
Molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of cytokine production by muramyl dipeptide
M Windheim, C Lang, M Peggie, LA Plater, P Cohen
Biochemical Journal 404 (2), 179-190, 2007
Phosphorylation of CRTC3 by the salt-inducible kinases controls the interconversion of classically activated and regulatory macrophages
K Clark, KF MacKenzie, K Petkevicius, Y Kristariyanto, J Zhang, HG Choi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (42), 16986-16991, 2012
Allosteric regulation of glycogen synthase controls glycogen synthesis in muscle
M Bouskila, RW Hunter, AFM Ibrahim, L Delattre, M Peggie, ...
Cell metabolism 12 (5), 456-466, 2010
The IRAK-catalysed activation of the E3 ligase function of Pellino isoforms induces the Lys63-linked polyubiquitination of IRAK1
A Ordureau, H Smith, M Windheim, M Peggie, E Carrick, N Morrice, ...
Biochemical journal 409 (1), 43-52, 2008
Phosphorylation and 14‐3‐3 binding of Arabidopsis trehalose‐phosphate synthase 5 in response to 2‐deoxyglucose
JE Harthill, SEM Meek, N Morrice, MW Peggie, J Borch, BHC Wong, ...
The Plant Journal 47 (2), 211-223, 2006
Enhanced binding of TBK1 by an optineurin mutant that causes a familial form of primary open angle glaucoma
S Morton, L Hesson, M Peggie, P Cohen
FEBS letters 582 (6), 997-1002, 2008
Interleukin-1 (IL-1) induces the Lys63-linked polyubiquitination of IL-1 receptor-associated kinase 1 to facilitate NEMO binding and the activation of IκBα kinase
M Windheim, M Stafford, M Peggie, P Cohen
Molecular and cellular biology 28 (5), 1783-1791, 2008
MSKs are required for the transcription of the nuclear orphan receptors Nur77, Nurr1 and Nor1 downstream of MAPK signalling
J Darragh, A Soloaga, VA Beardmore, AD Wingate, GR Wiggin, M Peggie, ...
Biochemical Journal 390 (3), 749-759, 2005
Binding to serine 65‐phosphorylated ubiquitin primes Parkin for optimal PINK 1‐dependent phosphorylation and activation
A Kazlauskaite, RJ Martínez‐Torres, S Wilkie, A Kumar, J Peltier, ...
EMBO reports 16 (8), 939-954, 2015
Two different classes of E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes are required for the mono-ubiquitination of proteins and elongation by polyubiquitin chains with a specific topology
M Windheim, M Peggie, P Cohen
Biochemical Journal 409 (3), 723-729, 2008
Phosphoproteomic screening identifies Rab GTP ases as novel downstream targets of PINK 1
YC Lai, C Kondapalli, R Lehneck, JB Procter, BD Dill, HI Woodroof, ...
The EMBO journal 34 (22), 2840-2861, 2015
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