Haruhiko Saitoh
Haruhiko Saitoh
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Magnetospheric vortex formation: self-organized confinement of charged particles
Z Yoshida, H Saitoh, J Morikawa, Y Yano, S Watanabe, Y Ogawa
Physical review letters 104 (23), 235004, 2010
Confirmation of the topology of the Wendelstein 7-X magnetic field to better than 1: 100,000
TS Pedersen, M Otte, S Lazerson, P Helander, S Bozhenkov, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
Confinement of pure-electron plasmas in a toroidal magnetic-surface configuration
H Saitoh, Z Yoshida, C Nakashima, H Himura, J Morikawa, M Fukao
Physical review letters 92 (25), 255005, 2004
Self-organized confinement by magnetic dipole: recent results from RT-1 and theoretical modeling
Z Yoshida, H Saitoh, Y Yano, H Mikami, N Kasaoka, W Sakamoto, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 55 (1), 014018, 2012
High-β plasma formation and observation of peaked density profile in RT-1
H Saitoh, Z Yoshida, J Morikawa, Y Yano, T Mizushima, Y Ogawa, ...
Nuclear Fusion 51 (6), 063034, 2011
Efficient injection of an intense positron beam into a dipole magnetic field
H Saitoh, J Stanja, EV Stenson, U Hergenhahn, H Niemann, TS Pedersen, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (10), 103038, 2015
Injection of electron beam into a toroidal trap using chaotic orbits near magnetic null
C Nakashima, Z Yoshida, H Himura, M Fukao, J Morikawa, H Saitoh
Physical Review E 65 (3), 036409, 2002
Improved beta (local beta> 1) and density in electron cyclotron resonance heating on the RT-1 magnetosphere plasma
M Nishiura, Z Yoshida, H Saitoh, Y Yano, Y Kawazura, T Nogami, ...
Nuclear Fusion 55 (5), 053019, 2015
Development of a monoenergetic ultraslow antiproton beam source for high-precision investigation
N Kuroda, HA Torii, Y Nagata, M Shibata, Y Enomoto, H Imao, Y Kanai, ...
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Probing of flowing electron plasmas
H Himura, C Nakashima, H Saito, Z Yoshida
Physics of Plasmas 8 (10), 4651-4658, 2001
Observation of particle acceleration in laboratory magnetosphere
Y Kawazura, Z Yoshida, M Nishiura, H Saitoh, Y Yano, T Nogami, N Sato, ...
Physics of Plasmas 22 (11), 112503, 2015
Radial compression of a non-neutral plasma in a cusp trap for antihydrogen synthesis
H Saitoh, A Mohri, Y Enomoto, Y Kanai, Y Yamazaki
Physical Review A 77 (5), 051403, 2008
Generalized two-fluid equilibria: Understanding RT-1 experiments and beyond
Z Yoshida, SM Mahajan, T Mizushima, Y Yano, H Saitoh, J Morikawa
Physics of Plasmas 17 (11), 112507, 2010
Confinement of electron plasma by levitating dipole magnet
H Saitoh, Z Yoshida, J Morikawa, Y Yano, H Hayashi, T Mizushima, ...
Physics of Plasmas 17 (11), 112111, 2010
Observation of a new high-β and high-density state of a magnetospheric plasma in RT-1
H Saitoh, Y Yano, Z Yoshida, M Nishiura, J Morikawa, Y Kawazura, ...
Physics of Plasmas 21 (8), 082511, 2014
Potential structure of a plasma in an internal conductor device under the influence of a biased electrode
H Saitoh, Z Yoshida, H Himura, J Morikawa, M Fukao
Physics of Plasmas 11 (6), 3331-3334, 2004
Recent status of a positron-electron experiment (APEX)
H Saitoh, TS Pedersen, U Hergenhahn, EV Stenson, N Paschkowski, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 505 (1), 012045, 2014
Characterization of the NEPOMUC primary and remoderated positron beams at different energies
J Stanja, U Hergenhahn, H Niemann, N Paschkowski, TS Pedersen, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2016
Feedback control of the position of the levitated superconducting magnet in the RT-1 device
Y Yano, Z Yoshida, Y Ogawa, J Morikawa, H Saitoh
Fusion engineering and design 85 (5), 641-648, 2010
ASACUSA MUSASHI: New progress with intense ultra slow antiproton beam
H Imao, M Tarek, K Michishio, Y Enomoto, T Shimoyama, Y Kanai, ...
Hyperfine Interactions 194 (1-3), 71, 2009
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