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The role of steps in surface catalysis and reaction oscillations
BLM Hendriksen, MD Ackermann, R Van Rijn, D Stoltz, I Popa, O Balmes, ...
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The active phase of palladium during methane oxidation
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Structural and electronic reconstructions at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface
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Two-site adsorption model for the (√ 3×√ 3)-R30 dodecanethiolate lattice on Au (111) surfaces
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Ultrahigh vacuum/high-pressure flow reactor for surface x-ray diffraction and grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering studies close to conditions for industrial catalysis
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Comment on “CO oxidation on pt-group metals from ultrahigh vacuum to near atmospheric pressures. 2. palladium and platinum”
R van Rijn, O Balmes, R Felici, J Gustafson, D Wermeille, ...
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Description of a flexible cell for in situ X-ray and far-IR characterization of the surface of powdered materials
C Lamberti, C Prestipino, S Bordiga, G Berlier, G Spoto, A Zecchina, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2003
Room temperature Si (001)-(2× 1) reconstruction solved by X-ray diffraction
R Felici, IK Robinson, C Ottaviani, P Imperatori, P Eng, P Perfetti
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Study of Reconstruction from In-Plane X-Ray Diffraction Data
M Pedio, R Felici, X Torrelles, P Rudolf, M Capozi, J Rius, S Ferrer
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The ID03 surface diffraction beamline for in-situ and real-time X-ray investigations of catalytic reactions at surfaces
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Observation of magnetic dead layers at the surface of iron oxide films
SSP Parkin, R Sigsbee, R Felici, GP Felcher
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Muscovite mica: Flatter than a pancake
W de Poel, S Pintea, J Drnec, F Carla, R Felici, P Mulder, JAAW Elemans, ...
Surface science 619, 19-24, 2014
Dose distribution from x‐ray microbeam arrays applied to radiation therapy: An EGS4 Monte Carlo study
M De Felici, R Felici, MS del Rio, C Ferrero, T Bacarian, FA Dilmanian
Medical physics 32 (8), 2455-2463, 2005
Reversible formation of a PdC x phase in Pd nanoparticles upon CO and O 2 exposure
O Balmes, A Resta, D Wermeille, R Felici, ME Messing, K Deppert, Z Liu, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (14), 4796-4801, 2012
Direct evidence for mesoscopic relaxations in cobalt nanoislands on Cu (001)
O Mironets, HL Meyerheim, C Tusche, VS Stepanyuk, E Soyka, P Zschack, ...
Physical review letters 100 (9), 096103, 2008
Energy dispersive x-ray reflection from a liquid-liquid interface
SJ Roser, R Felici, A Eaglesham
Langmuir 10 (10), 3853-3856, 1994
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