Francesco Feri
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Efficiency gains from team-based coordination—large-scale experimental evidence
F Feri, B Irlenbusch, M Sutter
American Economic Review 100 (4), 1892-1912, 2010
Equilibrium selection in experimental games on networks
G Charness, F Feri, MA Meléndez-Jiménez, M Sutter
Stochastic stability in networks with decay
F Feri
Journal of Economic Theory 135 (1), 442-457, 2007
Strategic sophistication of individuals and teams. Experimental evidence
M Sutter, S Czermak, F Feri
European economic review 64, 395-410, 2013
On the microstructure of price determination and information aggregation with sequential and asymmetric information arrival in an experimental asset market
M Barner, F Feri, CR Plott
Annals of Finance 1 (1), 73-107, 2005
Social preferences in childhood and adolescence. A large-scale experiment to estimate primary and secondary motivations
M Sutter, F Feri, D Glätzle-Rützler, MG Kocher, P Martinsson, K Nordblom
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 146, 16-30, 2018
Is there psychological pressure in competitive environments?
F Feri, A Innocenti, P Pin
Journal of Economic Psychology 39, 249-256, 2013
Disclosure of personal information under risk of privacy shocks
F Feri, C Giannetti, N Jentzsch
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 123, 138-148, 2016
Information sharing networks in linear quadratic games
S Currarini, F Feri
International Journal of Game Theory 44 (3), 701-732, 2015
How strategic are children and adolescents? Experimental evidence from normal-form games
S Czermak, F Feri, D Glätzle-Rützler, M Sutter
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 128, 265-285, 2016
Coordination in evolving networks with endogenous decay
F Feri, MA Meléndez-Jiménez
Journal of Evolutionary Economics 23 (5), 955-1000, 2013
Ties that bind: Network redistributive pressure and economic decisions in village economies
S Di Falco, F Feri, P Pin, X Vollenweider
Journal of development economics 131, 123-131, 2018
Error cascades in observational learning: An experiment on the Chinos game
F Feri, MA Meléndez-Jiménez, G Ponti, F Vega-Redondo
Games and Economic Behavior 73 (1), 136-146, 2011
Can there be a market for cheap-talk information? Some experimental evidence
A Cabrales, F Feri, P Gottardi, M Meléndez-Jiménez
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP11206, 2016
The effect of externalities aggregation on network games outcomes
F Feri, P Pin
Unpublished Manuscript, 2015
A note on the POUM effect with heterogeneous social mobility
F Feri
Economics Letters 115 (2), 258-262, 2012
Bargaining or searching for a better price?–an experimental study
F Feri, A Gantner
Games and Economic Behavior 72 (2), 376-399, 2011
An experimental study on information sharing networks
S Currarini, F Feri, M Meléndez-Jiménez
Unpublished manuscript. https://sites. fas. harvard. edu/~ histecon …, 2014
Coordination in evolving networks with endogenous decay
F Feri, MA Meléndez-Jiménez
Working Papers in Economics and Statistics, 2009
An experimental study on the effects of communication, credibility, and clustering in network games
G Charness, F Feri, M Meléndez-Jiménez, M Sutter
MPI Collective Goods Discussion Paper, 2019
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