Colleen Seymour
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Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey bee abundance
LA Garibaldi, I Steffan-Dewenter, R Winfree, MA Aizen, R Bommarco, ...
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Pollination services decline with distance from natural habitat even in biodiversity‐rich areas
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Creating patches of native flowers facilitates crop pollination in large agricultural fields: mango as a case study
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Changes in arthropod diversity along a land use driven gradient of shrub cover in savanna rangelands: identification of suitable indicators
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Effects of heavy grazing on invertebrate assemblages in the Succulent Karoo, South Africa
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Invasive alien plants infiltrate bird‐mediated shrub nucleation processes in arid savanna
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Do the large termite mounds of Macrotermes concentrate micronutrients in addition to macronutrients in nutrient-poor African savannas?
CL Seymour, AV Milewski, AJ Mills, GS Joseph, GS Cumming, ...
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Twenty years of rest returns grazing potential, but not palatable plant diversity, to Karoo rangeland, South Africa
CL Seymour, SJ Milton, GS Joseph, WRJ Dean, T Ditlhobolo, ...
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A horizon scan of future threats and opportunities for pollinators and pollination
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Termite mounds as islands: woody plant assemblages relative to termitarium size and soil properties
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Large termitaria act as refugia for tall trees, deadwood and cavity-using birds in a miombo woodland
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The influence of changes in habitat structure on the species composition of bird assemblages in the southern Kalahari
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A 2018 horizon scan of emerging issues for global conservation and biological diversity
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Termite mounds increase functional diversity of woody plants in African savannas
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Response of avian diversity to habitat modification can be predicted from life-history traits and ecological attributes
YCE Smith, DAE Smith, CL Seymour, E Thébault, FJF van Veen
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Grass, rainfall and herbivores as determinants of Acacia erioloba (Meyer) recruitment in an African savanna
CL Seymour
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Escaping the flames: large termitaria as refugia from fire in miombo woodland
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On bird functional diversity: species richness and functional differentiation show contrasting responses to rainfall and vegetation structure in an arid landscape
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Ecosystems 18 (6), 971-984, 2015
A collation and overview of research information on Acacia erioloba (Camelthorn) and identification of relevant research gaps to inform protection of the species
C Seymour, S Milton
Contract 31 (2003/089), 2003
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