Ning Xu
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Thermal vestige of the zero-temperature jamming transition
Z Zhang, N Xu, DTN Chen, P Yunker, AM Alsayed, KB Aptowicz, ...
Nature 459 (7244), 230-233, 2009
Visualizing kinetic pathways of homogeneous nucleation in colloidal crystallization
P Tan, N Xu, L Xu
Nature Physics 10 (1), 73-79, 2014
Anharmonic and quasi-localized vibrations in jammed solids—Modes for mechanical failure
N Xu, V Vitelli, AJ Liu, SR Nagel
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 90 (5), 56001, 2010
Excess vibrational modes and the boson peak in model glasses
N Xu, M Wyart, AJ Liu, SR Nagel
Physical review letters 98 (17), 175502, 2007
Random close packing revisited: Ways to pack frictionless disks
N Xu, J Blawzdziewicz, CS O’Hern
Physical Review E 71 (6), 061306, 2005
Energy transport in jammed sphere packings
N Xu, V Vitelli, M Wyart, AJ Liu, SR Nagel
Physical review letters 102 (3), 038001, 2009
Heat transport in model jammed solids
V Vitelli, N Xu, M Wyart, AJ Liu, SR Nagel
Physical Review E 81 (2), 021301, 2010
Excitations of ellipsoid packings near jamming
Z Zeravcic, N Xu, AJ Liu, SR Nagel, W van Saarloos
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 87 (2), 26001, 2009
Equivalence of glass transition and colloidal glass transition in the hard-sphere limit
N Xu, TK Haxton, AJ Liu, SR Nagel
Physical review letters 103 (24), 245701, 2009
A comparison of jamming behavior in systems composed of dimer-and ellipse-shaped particles
CF Schreck, N Xu, CS O'Hern
Soft Matter 6 (13), 2960-2969, 2010
Soft modes and elasticity of nearly isostatic lattices: Randomness and dissipation
X Mao, N Xu, TC Lubensky
Physical review letters 104 (8), 085504, 2010
Reversible plastic events in amorphous materials
M Lundberg, K Krishan, N Xu, CS O’Hern, M Dennin
Physical Review E 77 (4), 041505, 2008
Measurements of the yield stress in frictionless granular systems
N Xu, CS O’Hern
Physical Review E 73 (6), 061303, 2006
Understanding the low-frequency quasilocalized modes in disordered colloidal systems
P Tan, N Xu, AB Schofield, L Xu
Physical review letters 108 (9), 095501, 2012
Direct determination of the size of basins of attraction of jammed solids
N Xu, D Frenkel, AJ Liu
Physical review letters 106 (24), 245502, 2011
New jamming scenario: From marginal jamming to deep jamming
C Zhao, K Tian, N Xu
Physical review letters 106 (12), 125503, 2011
Mechanical, vibrational, and dynamical properties of amorphous systems near jamming
N Xu
Frontiers of Physics in China 6 (1), 109-123, 2011
Density affects the nature of the hexatic-liquid transition in two-dimensional melting of soft-core systems
M Zu, J Liu, H Tong, N Xu
Physical review letters 117 (8), 085702, 2016
Effective temperature in athermal systems sheared at fixed normal load
N Xu, CS O'Hern
Physical review letters 94 (5), 055701, 2005
From crystals to disordered crystals: A hidden order-disorder transition
H Tong, P Tan, N Xu
Scientific reports 5, 15378, 2015
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