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Arielle Waldstein Parsons
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A spatial mark–resight model augmented with telemetry data
R Sollmann, B Gardner, AW Parsons, JJ Stocking, BT McClintock, ...
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Optimal control of native predators
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Urbanization focuses carnivore activity in remaining natural habitats, increasing species interactions
AW Parsons, CT Rota, T Forrester, MC Baker‐Whatton, WJ McShea, ...
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Mammals in and around suburban yards, and the attraction of chicken coops
R Kays, AW Parsons
Urban Ecosystems 17 (3), 691-705, 2014
A two‐species occupancy model accommodating simultaneous spatial and interspecific dependence
CT Rota, CK Wikle, RW Kays, TD Forrester, WJ McShea, AW Parsons, ...
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Demographics, diet, movements, and survival of an isolated, unmanaged raccoon Procyon lotor (Procyonidae, Carnivora) population on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
AW Parsons, TR Simons, AF O’Connell, MK Stoskopf
Mammalia 77 (1), 21-30, 2013
Deer on the lookout: how hunting, hiking and coyotes affect white‐tailed deer vigilance
SG Schuttler, AW Parsons, TD Forrester, MC Baker, WJ McShea, ...
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The value of citizen science for ecological monitoring of mammals
AW Parsons, C Goforth, R Costello, R Kays
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eMammal–citizen science camera trapping as a solution for broad-scale, long-term monitoring of wildlife populations
T Forrester, WJ McShea, RW Keys, R Costello, M Baker, A Parsons
Sustainable Pathways: Learning from the Past and Shaping the Future, 2013
The small home ranges and large local ecological impacts of pet cats
R Kays, RR Dunn, AW Parsons, B Mcdonald, T Perkins, SA Powers, ...
Animal Conservation 23 (5), 516-523, 2020
Managed forest as habitat for gray brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira) in agricultural landscapes of southeastern Brazil
TF Rodrigues, R Kays, A Parsons, NF Versiani, RM Paolino, ...
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Ultrasonic measurement of body fat as a means of assessing body condition in free-ranging raccoons (Procyon lotor)
EM Stringer, MK Stoskopf, T Simons, AF O'Connell, A Waldstein
International Journal of Zoology 2010, 2010
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