Adam James Carroll
Adam James Carroll
Research Fellow, Research School of Biology, Australian National University
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The absence of ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE1a in Arabidopsis results in acute sensitivity to combined light and drought stress
E Giraud, LHM Ho, R Clifton, A Carroll, G Estavillo, YF Tan, KA Howell, ...
Plant physiology 147 (2), 595-610, 2008
Recommendations for reporting metabolite data
AR Fernie, A Aharoni, L Willmitzer, M Stitt, T Tohge, J Kopka, AJ Carroll, ...
The Plant Cell 23 (7), 2477-2482, 2011
Remodeled respiration in ndufs4 with low phosphorylation efficiency suppresses Arabidopsis germination and growth and alters control of metabolism at night
EH Meyer, T Tomaz, AJ Carroll, G Estavillo, E Delannoy, SK Tanz, ...
Plant physiology 151 (2), 603-619, 2009
The Arabidopsis glutathione transferase gene family displays complex stress regulation and co‐silencing multiple genes results in altered metabolic sensitivity to oxidative stress
PG Sappl, AJ Carroll, R Clifton, R Lister, J Whelan, A Harvey Millar, ...
The Plant Journal 58 (1), 53-68, 2009
Differential response of gray poplar leaves and roots underpins stress adaptation during hypoxia
J Kreuzwieser, J Hauberg, KA Howell, A Carroll, H Rennenberg, AH Millar, ...
Plant physiology 149 (1), 461-473, 2009
Mapping metabolic and transcript temporal switches during germination in rice highlights specific transcription factors and the role of RNA instability in the germination process
KA Howell, R Narsai, A Carroll, A Ivanova, M Lohse, B Usadel, AH Millar, ...
Plant physiology 149 (2), 961-980, 2009
Mitochondrial complex II has a key role in mitochondrial-derived reactive oxygen species influence on plant stress gene regulation and defense
C Gleason, S Huang, LF Thatcher, RC Foley, CR Anderson, AJ Carroll, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 108 (26), 10768-10773, 2011
Analysis of the Arabidopsis cytosolic ribosome proteome provides detailed insights into its components and their post-translational modification
AJ Carroll, JL Heazlewood, J Ito, AH Millar
Molecular & cellular proteomics 7 (2), 347-369, 2008
Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase lowers leaf respiration and alters photorespiration and plant growth in Arabidopsis
T Tomaz, M Bagard, I Pracharoenwattana, P Lindén, CP Lee, AJ Carroll, ...
Plant physiology 154 (3), 1143-1157, 2010
The nucleotidase/phosphatase SAL1 is a negative regulator of drought tolerance in Arabidopsis
PB Wilson, GM Estavillo, KJ Field, W Pornsiriwong, AJ Carroll, KA Howell, ...
The Plant Journal 58 (2), 299-317, 2009
Defining core metabolic and transcriptomic responses to oxygen availability in rice embryos and young seedlings
R Narsai, KA Howell, A Carroll, A Ivanova, AH Millar, J Whelan
Plant Physiology 151 (1), 306-322, 2009
Differential molecular responses of rice and wheat coleoptiles to anoxia reveal novel metabolic adaptations in amino acid metabolism for tissue tolerance
RN Shingaki-Wells, S Huang, NL Taylor, AJ Carroll, W Zhou, AH Millar
Plant Physiology 156 (4), 1706-1724, 2011
Complex I dysfunction redirects cellular and mitochondrial metabolism in Arabidopsis
M Garmier, AJ Carroll, E Delannoy, C Vallet, DA Day, ID Small, AH Millar
Plant physiology 148 (3), 1324-1341, 2008
The MetabolomeExpress Project: enabling web-based processing, analysis and transparent dissemination of GC/MS metabolomics datasets
AJ Carroll, MR Badger, AH Millar
BMC bioinformatics 11 (1), 376, 2010
Discovering and linking public omics data sets using the Omics Discovery Index
Y Perez-Riverol, M Bai, F da Veiga Leprevost, S Squizzato, YM Park, ...
Nature biotechnology 35 (5), 406-409, 2017
The Arabidopsis cytosolic ribosomal proteome: from form to function
AJ Carroll
Frontiers in Plant Science 4, 32, 2013
From models to crop species: caveats and solutions for translational metabolomics
T Tohge, T Mettler, S Arrivault, AJ Carroll, M Stitt, A Fernie
Frontiers in plant science 2, 61, 2011
In vivo stoichiometry of photorespiratory metabolism
C Abadie, ERA Boex-Fontvieille, AJ Carroll, G Tcherkez
Nature plants 2 (2), 1-4, 2016
Direct assessment of the metabolic origin of carbon atoms in glutamate from illuminated leaves using 13C‐NMR
C Abadie, J Lothier, E Boex‐Fontvieille, A Carroll, G Tcherkez
New Phytologist 216 (4), 1079-1089, 2017
PhenoMeter: a metabolome database search tool using statistical similarity matching of metabolic phenotypes for high-confidence detection of functional links
AJ Carroll, P Zhang, L Whitehead, S Kaines, G Tcherkez, MR Badger
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 3, 106, 2015
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