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Greg Pierens
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Deoxycylindrospermopsin, an analog of cylindrospermopsin from Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii
RL Norris, GK Eaglesham, G Pierens, GR Shaw, MJ Smith, RK Chiswell, ...
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RJ Quinn, AR Carroll, NB Pham, P Baron, ME Palframan, L Suraweera, ...
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New Lamellarin Alkaloids from the Australian Ascidian, Didemnum chartaceum
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1H and 13C NMR scaling factors for the calculation of chemical shifts in commonly used solvents using density functional theory
GK Pierens
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Dysinosin A: a novel inhibitor of Factor VIIa and thrombin from a new genus and species of Australian sponge of the family Dysideidae
AR Carroll, GK Pierens, G Fechner, P de Almeida Leone, A Ngo, ...
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Small molecular probes for G-protein-coupled C5a receptors: conformationally constrained antagonists derived from the C terminus of the human plasma protein C5a
AK Wong, AM Finch, GK Pierens, DJ Craik, SM Taylor, DP Fairlie
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Conformational control by thiazole and oxazoline rings in cyclic octapeptides of marine origin. Novel macrocyclic chair and boat conformations
G Abbenante, DP Fairlie, LR Gahan, GR Hanson, GK Pierens, ...
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The modified stretched-exponential model for characterization of NMR relaxation in porous media
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Conformations of Human Apolipoprotein E(263−286) and E(267−289) in Aqueous Solutions of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate by CD and 1H NMR,
G Wang, GK Pierens, WD Treleaven, JT Sparrow, RJ Cushley
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Determination of Analyte Concentration Using the Residual Solvent Resonance in 1H NMR Spectroscopy
GK Pierens, AR Carroll, RA Davis, ME Palframan, RJ Quinn
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Enabling adoption of 2D-NMR for the higher order structure assessment of monoclonal antibody therapeutics
RG Brinson, JP Marino, F Delaglio, LW Arbogast, RM Evans, A Kearsley, ...
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Structural insights into the mechanism of inhibition of AHAS by herbicides
T Lonhienne, MD Garcia, G Pierens, M Mobli, A Nouwens, LW Guddat
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Sideroxylonal C, a new inhibitor of human plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1, from the flowers of Eucalyptus albens
J Neve, P de Almeida Leone, AR Carroll, RW Moni, NJ Paczkowski, ...
Journal of natural products 62 (2), 324-326, 1999
Synthesis, NMR structural characterization and molecular modeling of substituted thiosemicarbazones and semicarbazones using DFT calculations to prove the syn/anti isomer formation
TK Venkatachalam, GK Pierens, DC Reutens
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 52 (3), 98-105, 2014
1H and 13C NMR assignments for two new xanthones from the endophytic fungus Xylaria sp. FRR 5657
RA Davis, GK Pierens
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 44 (10), 966-968, 2006
Activation of Natural Products Biosynthetic Pathways via a Protein Modification Level Regulation
B Zhang, W Tian, S Wang, X Yan, X Jia, GK Pierens, W Chen, H Ma, ...
ACS Chemical Biology 12 (7), 1732-1736, 2017
Antimalarial Isocyano and Isothiocyanato Sesquiterpenes with Tri- and Bicyclic Skeletons from the Nudibranch Phyllidia ocellata
AM White, GK Pierens, T Skinner-Adams, KT Andrews, PV Bernhardt, ...
Journal of natural products 78 (6), 1422-1427, 2015
Isolation of Thuridillins D–F, Diterpene Metabolites from the Australian Sacoglossan Mollusk Thuridilla splendens; Relative Configuration of the Epoxylactone Ring
MJ Somerville, PL Katavic, LK Lambert, GK Pierens, JT Blanchfield, ...
Journal of Natural Products 75 (9), 1618-1624, 2012
Phosphorylation of the C-terminal sites of human p53 reduces non-sequence-specific DNA binding as modeled with synthetic peptides
R Hoffmann, DJ Craik, G Pierens, RE Bolger, L Otvos
Biochemistry 37 (39), 13755-13764, 1998
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