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Movement variability and skills monitoring in sports
E Preatoni, J Hamill, AJ Harrison, K Hayes, REA Van Emmerik, C Wilson, ...
Sports biomechanics 12 (2), 69-92, 2013
Application of functional principal component analysis in race walking: An emerging methodology
G Dona, E Preatoni, C Cobelli, R Rodano, AJ Harrison
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Acute effect of different minimalist shoes on foot strike pattern and kinematics in rearfoot strikers during running
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E Preatoni, M Ferrario, G Donà, J Hamill, R Rodano
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Injury and biomechanical perspectives on the rugby scrum: a review of the literature
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Can coordination variability identify performance factors and skill level in competitive sport? The case of race walking
D Cazzola, G Pavei, E Preatoni
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A modified prebind engagement process reduces biomechanical loading on front row players during scrummaging: a cross-sectional study of 11 elite teams
D Cazzola, E Preatoni, KA Stokes, ME England, G Trewartha
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Method for Movement and Gesture Assessment (MMGA) in Ergonomics
G Andreoni, M Mazzola, O Ciani, M Zambetti, M Romero, F Costa, ...
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Cervical spine injuries: a whole-body musculoskeletal model for the analysis of spinal loading
D Cazzola, TP Holsgrove, E Preatoni, HS Gill, G Trewartha
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Engagement techniques and playing level impact the biomechanical demands on rugby forwards during machine-based scrummaging
E Preatoni, KA Stokes, ME England, G Trewartha
British journal of sports medicine 49 (8), 520-528, 2015
The effects of whole-body vibration in isolation or combined with strength training in female athletes
E Preatoni, A Colombo, M Verga, C Galvani, M Faina, R Rodano, ...
The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 26 (9), 2495-2506, 2012
Specific tackling situations affect the biomechanical demands experienced by rugby union players
E Seminati, D Cazzola, E Preatoni, G Trewartha
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An integrated measurement system for analysing impact biomechanics in the rugby scrum
E Preatoni, A Wallbaum, N Gathercole, S Coombes, KA Stokes, ...
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of …, 2012
Spinal muscle activity in simulated rugby union scrummaging is affected by different engagement conditions
D Cazzola, B Stone, TP Holsgrove, G Trewartha, E Preatoni
Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 26 (4), 432-440, 2016
Juvenile bovine bone is an appropriate surrogate for normal and reduced density human bone in biomechanical testing: a validation study
JWA Fletcher, S Williams, MR Whitehouse, HS Gill, E Preatoni
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-9, 2018
Towards a biomarker of motor adaptation: Integration of kinematic and neural factors
E Molteni, V Cimolin, E Preatoni, R Rodano, M Galli, AM Bianchi
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Comparison of velocity and power output data derived from an inertial based system and an optical encoder during squat lifts in a weight room setting.
R Squadrone, R Rodano, E Preatoni
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Forces generated in rugby union machine scrummaging at various playing levels
E Preatoni, K Stokes, M England, G Trewartha
Women 7771, 197-297, 2012
Pre‐binding prior to full engagement improves loading conditions for front‐row players in contested R ugby U nion scrums
E Preatoni, D Cazzola, KA Stokes, M England, G Trewartha
Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 26 (12), 1398-1407, 2016
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