Rodrigue Lardé
Rodrigue Lardé
Groupe de Physique des Matériaux UMR CNRS 6634 Université de Rouen
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Gibbs-Thomson and diffusion-induced contributions to the growth rate of Si, InP, and GaAs nanowires
VG Dubrovskii, NV Sibirev, GE Cirlin, IP Soshnikov, WH Chen, R Larde, ...
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Evidence of Superparamagnetic Co Clusters in Pulsed Laser Deposition-Grown Zn0.9Co0.1O Thin Films Using Atom Probe Tomography
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Investigation at the atomic scale of the Co spatial distribution in Zn (Co) O magnetic semiconductor oxide
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Structural modifications in a Mn54Al43C3 melt-spun alloy induced by mechanical milling and subsequent annealing investigated by atom probe tomography
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Study of the effect of gas pressure and catalyst droplets number density on silicon nanowires growth, tapering, and gold coverage
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Composition and morphology of self-organized Mn-rich nanocolumns embedded in Ge: Correlation with the magnetic properties
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Atomic-Scale Investigation of SmCo5/α-Fe Nanocomposites: Influence of Fe/Co Interdiffusion on the Magnetic Properties
R Lardé, JM Le Breton, A Maître, D Ledue, O Isnard, V Pop, I Chicinaş
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (15), 7801-7810, 2013
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