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Geert Brethouwer
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A numerical investigation on the effect of the inflow conditions on the self-similar region of a round jet
BJ Boersma, G Brethouwer, FTM Nieuwstadt
Physics of fluids 10 (4), 899-909, 1998
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent pipe flow at moderately high Reynolds numbers
GK El Khoury, P Schlatter, A Noorani, PF Fischer, G Brethouwer, ...
Flow, turbulence and combustion 91, 475-495, 2013
Scaling analysis and simulation of strongly stratified turbulent flows
G Brethouwer, P Billant, E Lindborg, JM Chomaz
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P Schlatter, R Örlü, Q Li, G Brethouwer, JHM Fransson, AV Johansson, ...
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P Schlatter, Q Li, G Brethouwer, AV Johansson, DS Henningson
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 31 (3), 251-261, 2010
Micro-structure and Lagrangian statistics of the scalar field with a mean gradient in isotropic turbulence
G Brethouwer, JCR Hunt, FTM Nieuwstadt
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Rare backflow and extreme wall-normal velocity fluctuations in near-wall turbulence
P Lenaers, Q Li, G Brethouwer, P Schlatter, R Örlü
Physics of fluids 24 (3), 2012
Simulation of the mixing of a passive scalar in a round turbulent jet
CL Lubbers, G Brethouwer, BJ Boersma
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Mixing efficiency in stratified turbulence
A Maffioli, G Brethouwer, E Lindborg
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 794, R3, 2016
The effect of rotation on rapidly sheared homogeneous turbulence and passive scalar transport. Linear theory and direct numerical simulation
G Brethouwer
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Turbulent–laminar coexistence in wall flows with Coriolis, buoyancy or Lorentz forces
G Brethouwer, Y Duguet, P Schlatter
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Stratified turbulence forced in rotational and divergent modes
E Lindborg, G Brethouwer
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 586, 83-108, 2007
Direct numerical simulation of a plane turbulent wall-jet including scalar mixing
D Ahlman, G Brethouwer, AV Johansson
Physics of fluids 19 (6), 2007
Simulation of finite-size fibers in turbulent channel flows
M Do-Quang, G Amberg, G Brethouwer, AV Johansson
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L Marstorp, G Brethouwer, O Grundestam, AV Johansson
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A numerical study of the unstratified and stratified Ekman layer
E Deusebio, G Brethouwer, P Schlatter, E Lindborg
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Effects of modelling, resolution and anisotropy of subgrid-scales on large eddy simulations of channel flow
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Vertical dispersion by stratified turbulence
E Lindborg, G Brethouwer
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Statistics and structure of spanwise rotating turbulent channel flow at moderate Reynolds numbers
G Brethouwer
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 828, 424-458, 2017
An explicit algebraic Reynolds-stress and scalar-flux model for stably stratified flows
WMJ Lazeroms, G Brethouwer, S Wallin, AV Johansson
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 723, 91-125, 2013
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