Max Rolison
Max Rolison
Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine
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Social media use, friendship quality, and the moderating role of anxiety in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
GI van Schalkwyk, CE Marin, M Ortiz, M Rolison, Z Qayyum, ...
Journal of autism and developmental disorders 47 (9), 2805-2813, 2017
Interactive social neuroscience to study autism spectrum disorder
MJ Rolison, AJ Naples, JC McPartland
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Oxytocin enhances the neural efficiency of social perception
R Tillman, I Gordon, A Naples, M Rolison, JF Leckman, R Feldman, ...
Frontiers in human neuroscience 13, 71, 2019
Normalization of speech processing after whole-vault cranioplasty in sagittal synostosis
C Chuang, M Rolison, JF Yang, ED Brooks, PW Hashim, R Travieso, ...
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 29 (5), 1132-1136, 2018
Modulation of reward in a live social context as revealed through interactive social neuroscience
MJ Rolison, AJ Naples, HJV Rutherford, JC McPartland
Social neuroscience 13 (4), 416-428, 2018
The N170 event‐related potential reflects delayed neural response to faces when visual attention is directed to the eyes in youths with ASD
TC Parker, MJ Crowley, AJ Naples, MJ Rolison, J Wu, JA Trapani, ...
Autism Research, 2021
A comparison of positive and negative symptoms in ASD and schizophrenia
DE Trevisan, TC Day, K Ellison, J Foss-Feig, E Jarzabek, B Lewis, ...
International Society for Autism Research 2019 Annual Meeting,(Montreal, Canada), 2019
Comparison of Neural Response to Language in Infants with Nonsyndromic Craniosynostosis
AH Sun, MJ Rolison, TA Halligan, C Chuang, JF Yang, PW Hashim, ...
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–Global Open 5 (4S), 92, 2017
Language Phoneme Discrimination in Infants with Sagittal Craniosynostosis: An ERP Study
C Chuang, M Rolison, JF Yang, ED Brooks, PW Hashim, R Travieso, ...
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open 4 (9 Suppl), 2016
Atypical Intrinsic Hemispheric Interaction Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Present within the First Year of Life
M Rolison, C Lacadie, K Chawarska, M Spann, D Scheinost
Cerebral Cortex, 2021
Brief Report: Preliminary Evidence of the N170 as a Biomarker of Response to Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorder
S Kala, MJ Rolison, DA Trevisan, AJ Naples, K Pelphrey, P Ventola, ...
Frontiers in psychiatry 12, 1057, 2021
Large-scale differences in functional organization of left-and right-handed individuals using whole-brain, data-driven analysis of connectivity
L Tejavibulya, H Peterson, AS Greene, S Gao, M Rolison, S Noble, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
The Presence of Another Person Influences Oscillatory Cortical Dynamics During Dual Brain EEG Recording
MJ Rolison, AJ Naples, HJV Rutherford, JC McPartland
Frontiers in psychiatry 11, 246, 2020
Atypical Cerebral Lateralization in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
M Rolison, D Scheinost
Biological Psychiatry 85 (10), S233-S233, 2019
Children with Autism Demonstrate Atypical Resting EEG Correlates of Sleepiness
T Winkelman, A Naples, M Rolison, K McNaughton, T Day, S Hasselmo, ...
Age (years) 9 (12), 15, 2018
Autistic Traits Influence Oscillatory Cortical Dynamics during Dual Brain EEG Recording
M Rolison, A Naples, H Rutherford, J McPartland
INSAR 2020 Virtual Meeting, 0
Shared and distinct features of dynamic emotional face processing in autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia as measured by neural and behavioral responses
TC Day, A Naples, B Lewis, KA McNaughton, TA Halligan, T Winkelman, ...
Neural Response to Emotional Faces and Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
K Ellison, J Wolf, A Naples, K McNaughton, T Day, T Winkelman, ...
Children with autism and sleep problems show abnormal regulation of resting EEG
T Winkelman, A Naples, M Rolison, K McNaughton, T Day, S Hasselmo, ...
Anxiety in adolescents with ASD modulates neural responses during a simulated social interaction
M McNair, A Naples, K McNaughton, T Day, T Winkleman, MJ Rolison, ...
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