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Pivotal Role of Antibody and Subsidiary Contribution of CD8+ T Cells to Recovery from Infection in a Murine Model of Japanese Encephalitis
M Larena, M Regner, E Lee, M Lobigs
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An inactivated cell culture Japanese encephalitis vaccine (JE-ADVAX) formulated with delta inulin adjuvant provides robust heterologous protection against West Nile …
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Internal ribosome entry site-based attenuation of a flavivirus candidate vaccine and evaluation of the effect of beta interferon coexpression on vaccine properties
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M Terrinoni, J Holmgren, M Lebens, M Larena
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Requirement for cyclic AMP/protein kinase A-dependent canonical NFκB signaling in the adjuvant action of cholera toxin and its non-toxic derivative mmCT
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Partial dysfunction of STAT1 profoundly reduces host resistance to flaviviral infection
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Genomic insights into population history and biological adaptation in Oceania
J Choin, J Mendoza-Revilla, LR Arauna, S Cuadros-Espinoza, O Cassar, ...
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Multiple migrations to the Philippines during the last 50,000 years
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (13), 2021
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