Kristina Karlsson Green
Kristina Karlsson Green
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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Gender differences in species recognition and the evolution of asymmetric sexual isolation
EI Svensson, K Karlsson, M Friberg, F Eroukhmanoff
Current Biology 17 (22), 1943-1947, 2007
A role for learning in population divergence of mate preferences
EI Svensson, F Eroukhmanoff, K Karlsson, A Runemark, A Brodin
Evolution 64 (11), 3101-3113, 2010
Male clasping ability, female polymorphism and sexual conflict: fine-scale elytral morphology as a sexually antagonistic adaptation in female diving beetles
KK Green, A Kovalev, EI Svensson, SN Gorb
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 10 (86), 20130409, 2013
Active males, reactive females: stereotypic sex roles in sexual conflict research?
K Karlsson Green, JA Madjidian
Animal Behaviour 81 (5), 901-907, 2011
Using theories of sexual selection and sexual conflict to improve our understanding of plant ecology and evolution
Å Lankinen, KK Green
AoB Plants, plv008, 2015
Making sense of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the light of evolution
K Karlsson Green, JA Stenberg, Å Lankinen
Evolutionary Applications, 2020
Phenotypic plasticity in response to the social environment: effects of density and sex ratio on mating behaviour following ecotype divergence
K Karlsson, F Eroukhmanoff, EI Svensson
Changes in behavioural trait integration following rapid ecotype divergence in an aquatic isopod
S Harris, F Eroukhmanoff, KK Green, EI Svensson, LB Pettersson
Journal of evolutionary biology 24 (9), 1887-1896, 2011
Parallel divergence in mate guarding behaviour following colonization of a novel habitat
K Karlsson, F Eroukhmanoff, R Härdling, EI Svensson
Journal of evolutionary biology 23 (12), 2540-2549, 2010
The dynamics of sexually antagonistic coevolution and the complex influences of mating system and genetic correlation
R Härdling, K Karlsson
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Rapid changes in genetic architecture of behavioural syndromes following colonization of a novel environment
K Karlsson Green, F Eroukhmanoff, S Harris, LB Pettersson, EI Svensson
Journal of evolutionary biology 29 (1), 144-152, 2016
The interplay between local ecology, divergent selection, and genetic drift in population divergence of a sexually antagonistic female trait
KK Green, EI Svensson, J Bergsten, R Härdling, B Hansson
Evolution 68 (7), 1934-1946, 2014
Plant and insect genetic variation mediate the impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on a natural plant–herbivore interaction
PILU RASMUSSEN, T Amin, AE BENNETT, K Karlsson Green, S Timonen, ...
Ecological Entomology 42 (6), 793-802, 2017
Predator faunas past and present: quantifying the influence of waterborne cues in divergent ecotypes of the isopod Asellus aquaticus
S Harris, KK Green, LB Pettersson
Oecologia 173 (3), 791-799, 2013
The effects of host plant species and larval density on immune function in the polyphagous moth Spodoptera littoralis
K Karlsson Green
Ecology and Evolution, 2021
A reply to Perry & Rowe: costs in sexual conflict research
JA Madjidian, K Karlsson Green
Animal Behaviour 83 (4), e14-e16, 2012
What should a poor mother do? Influence of host plant quality on oviposition strategy and behavior in a polyphagous moth
K Karlsson Green, B Houot, P Anderson
bioRxiv, 2021
EDITORIAL: New Horizons in Sexual Selection Research
Cannibalism and intraguild predation involved in the intra-and inter-specific interactions of the invasive fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and …
BM Sokame, BM Sokame, B Musyoka, SA Mohammed, A Tamiru, A Bruce, ...
Healthy harvests in a changing climate: How to enable climate-resilient sustainable pest management for smallholder farmers
K Karlsson Green, P Egan
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