Benita Hyldgaard
Benita Hyldgaard
PhD (Climate consultant - SEGES Innovation)
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Phenotyping of faba beans (Vicia faba L.) under cold and heat stresses using chlorophyll fluorescence
R Zhou, B Hyldgaard, X Yu, E Rosenqvist, RM Ugarte, S Yu, Z Wu, ...
Euphytica 214 (4), 1-13, 2018
Intraspecies differences in phenotypic plasticity: Invasive versus non-invasive populations of< i> Ceratophyllum demersum</i>
B Hyldgaard, H Brix
Aquatic Botany 97 (1), 49-56, 2012
Stomatal anatomy and closing ability is affected by supplementary light intensity in rose (Rosa hybrida L.)
D Fanourakis, B Hyldgaard, H Giday, I Aulik, D Bouranis, O Körner, ...
Horticultural Science 46 (2), 81-89, 2019
Heat priming effects on anthesis heat stress in wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) with contrasting tolerance to heat stress
T Mendanha, E Rosenqvist, B Hyldgaard, CO Ottosen
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 132, 213-221, 2018
Low air humidity during cultivation promotes stomatal closure ability in rose
D Fanourakis, H Giday, B Hyldgaard, D Bouranis, O Körner, CO Ottosen
European Journal of Horticultural Science 84 (4), 245-252, 2019
Differential effects of elevated air humidity on stomatal closing ability of Kalanchoë blossfeldiana between the C3 and CAM states
D Fanourakis, B Hyldgaard, H Giday, D Bouranis, O Körner, KL Nielsen, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 143, 115-124, 2017
Interspecific hybridization in Cucumis leads to the divergence of phenotypes in response to low light and extended photoperiods
X Yu, B Hyldgaard, E Rosenqvist, CO Ottosen, J Chen
Frontiers in plant science 6, 2015
Closely related freshwater macrophyte species, Ceratophyllum demersum and C. submersum, differ in temperature response
B Hyldgaard, B Sorrell, H Brix
Freshwater biology 59 (4), 777-788, 2014
Allopolyploidization in Cucumis contributes to delayed leaf maturation with repression of redundant homoeologous genes
X Yu, X Wang, B Hyldgaard, Z Zhu, R Zhou, KH Kjær, T Ouzounis, Q Lou, ...
The Plant Journal 94 (2), 393-404, 2018
Plasticity in carbon acquisition of the heterophyllous< i> Luronium natans</i>: An endangered freshwater species in Europe
B Hyldgaard, H Brix
Aquatic Botany 94 (3), 127-133, 2011
Phylogeography reveals a potential cryptic invasion in the Southern Hemisphere of Ceratophyllum demersum, New Zealand’s worst invasive macrophyte
B Hyldgaard, C Lambertini, H Brix
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 16569, 2017
Geographically distinct Ceratophyllum demersum populations differ in growth, photosynthetic responses and phenotypic plasticity to nitrogen availability
B Hyldgaard, B Sorrell, B Olesen, T Riis, H Brix
Functional Plant Biology 39 (9), 774-783, 2012
Inherent trait differences explain wheat cultivar responses to climate factor interactions: New insights for more robust crop modelling
F Eller, B Hyldgaard, SM Driever, CO Ottosen
Global Change Biology 26 (10), 5965-5978, 2020
Incorporating cultivar-specific stomatal traits into stomatal conductance models improves the estimation of evapotranspiration enhancing greenhouse climate management
O Körner, D Fanourakis, MCR Hwang, B Hyldgaard, G Tsaniklidis, ...
biosystems engineering 208, 131-151, 2021
Looking for seasonal variation in plant protective effects of seaweed extracts
A Jensen, A Bruhn, B Hyldgaard, KK Petersen, M Glasius, ...
Nordic Seaweed Conference 2018, 2018
Low air humidity during growth promotes stomatal closure ability in roses
D Fanourakis, HG Gebraegziabher, B Hyldgaard, D Bouranis, O Körner, ...
European Journal of Horticultural Science, 2018
Heat priming effects on anthesis heat stress in wheat cultivars with contrasting tolerance to heat stress
T Mendanha, CO Ottosen, E Rosenqvist, B Hyldgaard
COST final meeting, 2018
Drought priming effects on alleviating later damages of heat and drought stress in different wheat cultivars
T Mendanha, B Hyldgaard, CO Ottosen
COST WG1/EPPN2020 workshop: Current and future applications of phenotyping …, 2017
From seaweed waste to plant biostimulant
B Hyldgaard, MB Rasmussen, T Boderskov, A Bruhn, M Glasius, ...
Nordic Seaweed Conference, 2017
Fugtstyring i fokus
CO Ottosen, B Hyldgaard, E Rosenqvist, O Körner, KL Nielsen
Gartner Tidende 133 (11), 23-24, 2017
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