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Magnus Gidlund
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Enhanced NK cell activity in mice injected with interferon and interferon inducers
M Gidlund, A Örn, H Wigzell, A SENIK, ION Gresser
Nature 273 (5665), 759-761, 1978
Oxidized low density lipoprotein induces differentiation and adhesion of human monocytes and the monocytic cell line U937.
J Frostegård, J Nilsson, A Haegerstrand, A Hamsten, H Wigzell, ...
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Biologically modified LDL increases the adhesive properties of endothelial cells
J Frostegard, A Haegerstrand, M Gidlund, J Nilsson
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Infection of brain-derived cells with the human immunodeficiency virus.
F Chiodi, S Fuerstenberg, M Gidlund, B Asjö, EM Fenyö
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Natural killer cells kill tumour cells at a given stage of differentiation
M Gidlund, A Örn, PK Pattengale, M Jansson, H Wigzell, K Nilsson
Nature 292 (5826), 848-850, 1981
Natural killer cells mediate lysis of embryonal carcinoma cells lacking MHC
P Stern, M Gidlund, A Örn, H Wigzell
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Cardiovascular disease parameters in periodontitis
AM Monteiro, MAN Jardini, S Alves, V Giampaoli, ECQ Aubin, ...
Journal of periodontology 80 (3), 378-388, 2009
Susceptibility to infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) correlates with T4 expression in a parental monocytoid cell line and its subclones
B Åsjö, I Ivhed, M Gidlund, S Fuerstenberg, EM Fenyö, K Nilsson, ...
Virology 157 (2), 359-365, 1987
Enhancement by interferon of natural killer cell activity in mice
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Induction of heat shock protein in monocytic cells by oxidized low density lipoprotein
J Frostegård, B Kjellman, M Gidlund, B Andersson, S Jindal, R Kiessling
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Phorbol ester-induced terminal differentiation is inhibited in human U-937 monoblastic cells expressing a v-myc oncogene
LG Larsson, I Ivhed, M Gidlund, U Pettersson, B Vennström, K Nilsson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 85 (8), 2638-2642, 1988
Surface characteristics of the U-937 human histiocytic lymphoma cell line: specific changes during inducible morphologic and functional differentiation in vitro
K Nilsson, K Forsbeck, M Gidlund, C Sundström, T Tötterman, J Sällström, ...
Modern Trends in Human Leukemia IV, 215-221, 1981
Restriction enzyme map of herpesvirus of turkey DNA and its collinear relationship with Marek's disease virus DNA
T Igarashi, M Takahashi, J Donovan, J Jessip, M Smith, K Hirai, A Tanaka, ...
Virology 157 (2), 351-358, 1987
Positive correlation between in vitro NK activity and in vivo resistance towards AKR lymphoma cells
I Riesenfeld, A Örn, M Gidlund, I Axberg, GV Alm, H Wigzell
International journal of cancer 25 (3), 399-403, 1980
A new surface marker on mouse natural killer cells: Receptors for Helix pomatia A hemagglutinin
O Haller, M Gidlund, U Hellström, S Hammarström, H Wigzell
European journal of immunology 8 (11), 765-771, 1978
Air pollution and antibodies against modified lipoproteins are associated with atherosclerosis and vascular remodeling in hyperlipemic mice
SRC Soares, R Carvalho-Oliveira, E Ramos-Sanchez, S Catanozi, ...
Atherosclerosis 207 (2), 368-373, 2009
Cholesteryl ester transfer protein expression attenuates atherosclerosis in ovariectomized mice
PM Cazita, JA Berti, C Aoki, M Gidlund, LM Harada, VS Nunes, ...
Journal of lipid research 44 (1), 33-40, 2003
Oxidized LDL induces alternative macrophage phenotype through activation of CD36 and PAFR
FJ Rios, MM Koga, M Pecenin, M Ferracini, M Gidlund, S Jancar
Mediators of inflammation 2013, 2013
Insulin like growth factor-1 and-2 and their role in the re-epithelialisation of wounds; interactions with insulin like growth factor binding protein type 1
G Kratz, M Lake, M Gidlund
Scandinavian journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery and hand surgery …, 1994
Effect of recombinant IGF binding protein-1 on primary cultures of human keratinocytes and fibroblasts: selective enhancement of IGF-1 but not IGF-2-induced cell proliferation
G Kratz, M Lake, K Ljungström, G Forsberg, A Hægerstrand, M Gidlund
Experimental cell research 202 (2), 381-385, 1992
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