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Daniel A. Medina
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Gene expression is circular: factors for mRNA degradation also foster mRNA synthesis
G Haimovich, DA Medina, SZ Causse, M Garber, G Millán-Zambrano, ...
Cell 153 (5), 1000-1011, 2013
Human milk oligosaccharides and infant gut bifidobacteria: Molecular strategies for their utilization
P Thomson, DA Medina, D Garrido
Food Microbiology 75, 37-46, 2018
Distinct patterns in the gut microbiota after surgical or medical therapy in obese patients
DA Medina, JP Pedreros, D Turiel, N Quezada, F Pimentel, A Escalona, ...
PeerJ 5, e3443, 2017
Cytoplasmic 5′-3′ exonuclease Xrn1p is also a genome-wide transcription factor in yeast
DA Medina, A Jordán-Pla, G Millán-Zambrano, S Chávez, M Choder, ...
Frontiers in genetics 5, 1, 2014
The cellular growth rate controls overall mRNA turnover, and modulates either transcription or degradation rates of particular gene regulons
J García-Martínez, L Delgado-Ramos, G Ayala, V Pelechano, DA Medina, ...
Nucleic acids research 44 (8), 3643-3658, 2016
Prebiotics mediate microbial interactions in a consortium of the infant gut microbiome
DA Medina, F Pinto, A Ovalle, P Thomson, D Garrido
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18 (10), 2095, 2017
Anti-inflammatory effect of microbial consortia during the utilization of dietary polysaccharides
P Thomson, DA Medina, V Ortúzar, M Gotteland, D Garrido
Food Research International 109, 14-23, 2018
Modeling metabolic interactions in a consortium of the infant gut microbiome
F Pinto, DA Medina, JR Pérez-Correa, D Garrido
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 2507, 2017
What do you mean by transcription rate? The conceptual difference between nascent transcription rate and mRNA synthesis rate is essential for the proper understanding of …
JE Pérez‐Ortín, DA Medina, S Chávez, J Moreno
BioEssays 35 (12), 1056-1062, 2013
Asymmetric cell division requires specific mechanisms for adjusting global transcription
A Mena, DA Medina, J García-Martínez, V Begley, A Singh, S Chávez, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (21), 12401-12412, 2017
Evaluating the Capacity of Human Gut Microorganisms to Colonize the Zebrafish Larvae (Danio rerio)
MJ Valenzuela, M Caruffo, Y Herrera, DA Medina, M Coronado, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 1032, 2018
Effect of a proanthocyanidin-rich polyphenol extract from avocado on the production of amino acid-derived bacterial metabolites and the microbiota composition in rats fed a …
MJ Cires, P Navarrete, E Pastene, C Carrasco-Pozo, R Valenzuela, ...
Food & Function 10 (7), 4022-4035, 2019
Protective effect of an avocado peel polyphenolic extract rich in proanthocyanidins on the alterations of colonic homeostasis induced by a high-protein diet
MJ Cires, P Navarrete, E Pastene, C Carrasco-Pozo, R Valenzuela, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 67 (42), 11616-11626, 2019
Rpb1 foot mutations demonstrate a major role of Rpb4 in mRNA stability during stress situations in yeast
AI Garrido-Godino, MC García-López, J García-Martínez, V Pelechano, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1859 (5), 731-743, 2016
Cross-regional view of functional and taxonomic microbiota composition in obesity and post-obesity treatment shows country specific microbial contribution
DA Medina, T Li, P Thomson, A Artacho, V Perez-Brocal, A Moya
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 2346, 2019
Probiotic Yeasts and Vibrio anguillarum Infection Modify the Microbiome of Zebrafish Larvae
O Vargas, MS Gutiérrez, M Caruffo, B Valderrama, DA Medina, K García, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 647977, 2021
Simulation and modeling of dietary changes in the infant gut microbiome
DA Medina, F Pinto, V Ortuzar, D Garrido
FEMS microbiology ecology 94 (9), fiy140, 2018
Gilz-Activin A as a novel signaling axis orchestrating mesenchymal stem cell and Th17 cell interplay
P Luz-Crawford, G Espinosa-Carrasco, N Ipseiz, R Contreras, G Tejedor, ...
Theranostics 8 (3), 846, 2018
Genomic insights into the different layers of gene regulation in yeast
JE Pérez-Ortín, DA Medina, A Jordán-Pla
Genetics research international 2011, 2011
The total mRNA concentration buffering system in yeast is global rather than gene-specific
J García-Martínez, DA Medina, P Bellvís, M Sun, P Cramer, S Chávez, ...
RNA 27 (10), 1281-1290, 2021
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