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Anion complexation by triazolium “ligands”: mono-and bis-tridentate complexes of sulfate
B Schulze, C Friebe, MD Hager, W Günther, U Köhn, BO Jahn, ...
Organic Letters 12 (12), 2710-2713, 2010
Metal-free photochemical silylations and transfer hydrogenations of benzenoid hydrocarbons and graphene
R Papadakis, H Li, J Bergman, A Lundstedt, K Jorner, R Ayub, S Haldar, ...
Nature Communications 7 (1), 12962, 2016
Metal‐Free 1, 5‐Regioselective Azide–Alkyne [3+ 2]‐Cycloaddition
F Kloss, U Köhn, BO Jahn, MD Hager, H Görls, US Schubert
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 6 (10), 2816-2824, 2011
Amphiphilic star-shaped block copolymers as unimolecular drug delivery systems: investigations using a novel fungicide
K Knop, GM Pavlov, T Rudolph, K Martin, D Pretzel, BO Jahn, DH Scharf, ...
Soft Matter 9 (3), 715-726, 2013
Organic single molecular structures for light induced spin-pump devices
BO Jahn, H Ottosson, M Galperin, J Fransson
ACS nano 7 (2), 1064-1071, 2013
Systematic MALDI‐TOF CID investigation on different substituted mPEG 2000
K Knop, BO Jahn, MD Hager, A Crecelius, M Gottschaldt, US Schubert
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 211 (6), 677-684, 2010
A computational study of potential molecular switches that exploit baird's rule on excited-state aromaticity and antiaromaticity
H Löfås, BO Jahn, J Wärnå, R Emanuelsson, R Ahuja, A Grigoriev, ...
Faraday discussions 174, 105-124, 2014
Triplet state homoaromaticity: concept, computational validation and experimental relevance
K Jorner, BO Jahn, P Bultinck, H Ottosson
Chemical Science 9 (12), 3165-3176, 2018
The 6, 6‐Dicyanopentafulvene Core: A Template for the Design of Electron‐Acceptor Compounds
AD Finke, BO Jahn, A Saithalavi, C Dahlstrand, D Nauroozi, S Haberland, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (22), 8168-8176, 2015
Polyfulvenes: Polymers with “Handles” That Enable Extensive Electronic Structure Tuning
C Dahlstrand, BO Jahn, A Grigoriev, S Villaume, R Ahuja, H Ottosson
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (46), 25726-25737, 2015
New class of molecular conductance switches based on the [1, 3]-silyl migration from silanes to silenes
H Löfås, A Orthaber, BO Jahn, AM Rouf, A Grigoriev, S Ott, R Ahuja, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (21), 10909-10918, 2013
Computational Investigation of Brook-Type Silabenzenes and Their Possible Formation through [1, 3]-Si→ O Silyl Shifts
AM Rouf, BO Jahn, H Ottosson
Organometallics 32 (1), 16-28, 2013
Metal-mediated reaction modeled on nature: The activation of isothiocyanates initiated by zinc thiolate complexes
WA Eger, M Presselt, BO Jahn, M Schmitt, J Popp, E Anders
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (8), 3223-3233, 2011
The zinc complex catalyzed hydration of alkyl isothiocyanates
WA Eger, BO Jahn, E Anders
Journal of molecular modeling 15, 433-446, 2009
Allene as the Parent Substrate in Zinc-Mediated Biomimetic Hydration Reactions of Cumulenes
BO Jahn, WA Eger, E Anders
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 73 (21), 8265-8278, 2008
Push-pull-allenes: the influences of substituents on the activation of allenes by biomimetic zinc complexes
J Burkhard O, WA Eger, E Anders
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 65 (3), 425-432, 2010
The Carbonic Anhydrase as a Paragon: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Biomimetic Zinc-catalyzed Activation of Cumulenes
BO Jahn, WA Eger, E Anders
Biomimetics Learning from Nature, 2010
Efficient and convenient acid catalyzed hypersilyl protection of alcohols and thiols by tris (trimethylsilyl) silyl-N, N-dimethylmethaneamide
AM Rouf, J Tibbelin, BO Jahn, S Anas, R Emanuelsson, K Lozinski, ...
Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 245, 312-ORGN, 2013
Baird's rule on excited state (anti) aromaticity as a tool for rationalization of photophysical and photochemical properties and processes
J Zhu, H Tong, C Dahlstrand, M Rosenberg, BO Jahn, K Kilsa, H Ottosson
Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 245, 755-ORGN, 2013
Tuning the Band Gap of Polyfulvenes by Use of “Handles”: On the Effects of Exocyclic Substitution, Benzannulation, and Ring Methylation.
C Dahlstrand, B Jahn, A Grigoriev, S Villaume, R Ahuja, H Ottosson
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