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Peter Pohl
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Water determines the structure and dynamics of proteins
MC Bellissent-Funel, A Hassanali, M Havenith, R Henchman, P Pohl, ...
Chemical reviews 116 (13), 7673-7697, 2016
No facilitator required for membrane transport of hydrogen sulfide
JC Mathai, A Missner, P Kügler, SM Saparov, ML Zeidel, JK Lee, P Pohl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (39), 16633-16638, 2009
Ultrasound enhancement of liposome-mediated cell transfection is caused by cavitation effects
S Koch, P Pohl, U Cobet, NG Rainov
Ultrasound in medicine & biology 26 (5), 897-903, 2000
Protons and hydroxide ions in aqueous systems
N Agmon, HJ Bakker, RK Campen, RH Henchman, P Pohl, S Roke, ...
Chemical reviews 116 (13), 7642-7672, 2016
Fast and selective ammonia transport by aquaporin-8
SM Saparov, K Liu, P Agre, P Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (8), 5296-5301, 2007
110 years of the Meyer–Overton rule: predicting membrane permeability of gases and other small compounds
A Missner, P Pohl
ChemPhysChem 10 (9‐10), 1405-1414, 2009
The size of the unstirred layer as a function of the solute diffusion coefficient
P Pohl, SM Saparov, YN Antonenko
Biophysical Journal 75 (3), 1403-1409, 1998
Carbon dioxide transport through membranes
A Missner, P Kügler, SM Saparov, K Sommer, JC Mathai, ML Zeidel, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (37), 25340-25347, 2008
Compartmentalization of cAMP-dependent signaling by phosphodiesterase-4D is involved in the regulation of vasopressin-mediated water reabsorption in renal principal cells
E Stefan, B Wiesner, GS Baillie, R Mollajew, V Henn, D Lorenz, J Furkert, ...
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 18 (1), 199-212, 2007
Water and ion permeation of aquaporin-1 in planar lipid bilayers Major differences in structural determinants and stoichiometry
SM Saparov, D Kozono, U Rothe, P Agre, P Pohl
Journal of Biological Chemistry 276 (34), 31515-31520, 2001
Structural proton diffusion along lipid bilayers
S Serowy, SM Saparov, YN Antonenko, W Kozlovsky, V Hagen, P Pohl
Biophysical journal 84 (2), 1031-1037, 2003
Water permeation through gramicidin A: desformylation and the double helix: a molecular dynamics study
BL de Groot, DP Tieleman, P Pohl, H Grubmüller
Biophysical journal 82 (6), 2934-2942, 2002
Determining the conductance of the SecY protein translocation channel for small molecules
SM Saparov, K Erlandson, K Cannon, J Schaletzky, S Schulman, ...
Molecular cell 26 (4), 501-509, 2007
Origin of membrane dipole potential: Contribution of the phospholipid fatty acid chains
U Peterson, DA Mannock, RNAH Lewis, P Pohl, RN McElhaney, EE Pohl
Chemistry and physics of lipids 117 (1-2), 19-27, 2002
Highly selective water channel activity measured by voltage clamp: analysis of planar lipid bilayers reconstituted with purified AqpZ
P Pohl, SM Saparov, MJ Borgnia, P Agre
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (17), 9624-9629, 2001
A critical reassessment of penetratin translocation across lipid membranes
E Bárány-Wallje, S Keller, S Serowy, S Geibel, P Pohl, M Bienert, M Dathe
Biophysical journal 89 (4), 2513-2521, 2005
Water permeability of asymmetric planar lipid bilayers: leaflets of different composition offer independent and additive resistances to permeation
AV Krylov, P Pohl, ML Zeidel, WG Hill
The Journal of general physiology 118 (4), 333-340, 2001
Cyclic AMP is sufficient for triggering the exocytic recruitment of aquaporin‐2 in renal epithelial cells
D Lorenz, A Krylov, D Hahm, V Hagen, W Rosenthal, P Pohl, K Maric
EMBO reports 4 (1), 88-93, 2003
Photosensitizer binding to lipid bilayers as a precondition for the photoinactivation of membrane channels
TI Rokitskaya, M Block, YN Antonenko, EA Kotova, P Pohl
Biophysical journal 78 (5), 2572-2580, 2000
Permeation of ammonia across bilayer lipid membranes studied by ammonium ion selective microelectrodes
YN Antonenko, P Pohl, GA Denisov
Biophysical journal 72 (5), 2187-2195, 1997
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