Hany Dweck
Hany Dweck
Postdoctoral Merck fellow of LSRF, Yale University
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A Conserved Dedicated Olfactory Circuit for Detecting Harmful Microbes in Drosophila
MC Stensmyr, HKM Dweck, A Farhan, I Ibba, A Strutz, L Mukunda, J Linz, ...
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Olfactory Preference for Egg Laying on Citrus Substrates in Drosophila
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Olfactory Proxy Detection of Dietary Antioxidants in Drosophila
HKM Dweck, SAM Ebrahim, A Farhan, BS Hansson, MC Stensmyr
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Host plant-driven sensory specialization in Drosophila erecta
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Elucidating the Neuronal Architecture of Olfactory Glomeruli in the Drosophila Antennal Lobe
V Grabe, A Baschwitz, HKM Dweck, S Lavista-Llanos, BS Hansson, ...
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Drosophila Avoids Parasitoids by Sensing Their Semiochemicals via a Dedicated Olfactory Circuit
SAM Ebrahim, HKM Dweck, J Stökl, JE Hofferberth, F Trona, K Weniger, ...
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Antennal sensory receptors of Pteromalus puparum female (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), a gregarious pupal endoparasitoid of Pieris rapae
HKM Dweck
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A Drosophila female pheromone elicits species-specific long-range attraction via an olfactory channel with dual specificity for sex and food
S Lebreton, F Borrero-Echeverry, F Gonzalez, M Solum, EA Wallin, ...
BMC biology 15 (1), 1-14, 2017
Kairomonal Response of the Parasitoid, Bracon hebetor Say, to the Male-Produced Sex Pheromone of Its Host, the Greater Waxmoth, Galleria mellonella (L.)
HKM Dweck, GP Svensson, EA Gündüz, O Anderbrant
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Activation of Latent Courtship Circuitry in the Brain of Drosophila Females Induces Male-like Behaviors
C Rezával, S Pattnaik, HJ Pavlou, T Nojima, B Brüggemeier, ...
Current Biology 26 (18), 2508-2515, 2016
Divergence in olfactory host plant preference in D. mojavensis in response to cactus host use
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Structure and sensory equipment of the ovipositor of Habrobracon hebetor (Say)(Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
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Description of the antennal sensilla of Habrobracon hebetor
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Olfactory channels associated with the Drosophila maxillary palp mediate short-and long-range attraction
HKM Dweck, SAM Ebrahim, MA Khallaf, C Koenig, A Farhan, R Stieber, ...
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Olfactory coding from the periphery to higher brain centers in the Drosophila brain
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The Olfactory Logic behind Fruit Odor Preferences in Larval and Adult Drosophila
HKM Dweck, SAM Ebrahim, T Retzke, V Grabe, J Weißflog, A Svatoš, ...
Cell reports 23 (8), 2524-2531, 2018
Functional loss of yeast detectors parallels transition to herbivory
HKM Dweck, M Knaden, BS Hansson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (10), 2927-2928, 2015
Mate discrimination among subspecies through a conserved olfactory pathway
MA Khallaf, TO Auer, V Grabe, A Depetris-Chauvin, B Ammagarahalli, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
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