Emilia Matallana
Emilia Matallana
Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (Universitat de València)
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Oxidative stress responses and lipid peroxidation damage are induced during dehydration in the production of dry active wine yeasts
E Garre, F Raginel, A Palacios, A Julien, E Matallana
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Biotechnological impact of stress response on wine yeast
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Reduction of oxidative cellular damage by overexpression of the thioredoxin TRX2 gene improves yield and quality of wine yeast dry active biomass
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Antioxidant compound supplementation prevents oxidative damage in a Drosophila model of Parkinson's disease
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Effects of pharmacological agents on the lifespan phenotype of Drosophila DJ-1β mutants
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Fine analysis of the chromatin structure of the yeast SUC2 gene and of its changes upon derepression. Comparison between the chromosomal and plasmid …
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Fermentative capacity of dry active wine yeast requires a specific oxidative stress response during industrial biomass growth
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Genome mapping with anchored clones: theoretical aspects
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Oxidative stress tolerance, adenylate cyclase, and autophagy are key players in the chronological life span of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during winemaking
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Btn2p is involved in ethanol tolerance and biofilm formation in flor yeast
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Sulfur and adenine metabolisms are linked, and both modulate sulfite resistance in wine yeast
A Aranda, E Jiménez-Martí, H Orozco, E Matallana, M Del Olmo
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 54 (16), 5839-5846, 2006
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