Andrea Brancaccio
Andrea Brancaccio
Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche "Giulio Natta" - SCITEC (CNR)
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Binding of the G domains of laminin α1 and α2 chains and perlecan to heparin, sulfatides, α‐dystroglycan and several extracellular matrix proteins
JF Talts, Z Andac, W Göhring, A Brancaccio, R Timpl
The EMBO journal 18 (4), 863-870, 1999
A new crystal structure, Ca2+ dependence and mutational analysis reveal molecular details of E‐cadherin homoassociation
O Pertz, D Bozic, AW Koch, C Fauser, A Brancaccio, J Engel
The EMBO journal 18 (7), 1738-1747, 1999
Alternative splicing of agrin alters its binding to heparin, dystroglycan, and the putative agrin receptor
M Gesemann, V Cavalli, AJ Denzer, A Brancaccio, B Schumacher, ...
Neuron 16 (4), 755-767, 1996
Dystroglycan distribution in adult mouse brain: a light and electron microscopy study
ML Zaccaria, F Di Tommaso, A Brancaccio, P Paggi, TC Petrucci
Neuroscience 104 (2), 311-324, 2001
Electron microscopic evidence for a mucin-like region in chick muscle α-dystroglycan
A Brancaccio, T Schulthess, M Gesemann, J Engel
FEBS letters 368 (1), 139-142, 1995
Identification of an agrin mutation that causes congenital myasthenia and affects synapse function
C Huzé, S Bauché, P Richard, F Chevessier, E Goillot, K Gaudon, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 85 (2), 155-167, 2009
Agrin is a high-affinity binding protein of dystroglycan in non-muscle tissue
M Gesemann, A Brancaccio, B Schumacher, MA Ruegg
Journal of Biological Chemistry 273 (1), 600-605, 1998
Structural factors governing azide and cyanide binding to mammalian metmyoglobins.
A Brancaccio, F Cutruzzolá, CT Allocatelli, M Brunori, SJ Smerdon, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 269 (19), 13843-13853, 1994
Dystroglycan expression is frequently reduced in human breast and colon cancers and is associated with tumor progression
A Sgambato, M Migaldi, M Montanari, A Camerini, A Brancaccio, G Rossi, ...
The American journal of pathology 162 (3), 849-860, 2003
Analysis of heparin, α-dystroglycan and sulfatide binding to the G domain of the laminin α1 chain by site-directed mutagenesis
Z Andac, T Sasaki, K Mann, A Brancaccio, R Deutzmann, R Timpl
Journal of molecular biology 287 (2), 253-264, 1999
Characterization of the β-dystroglycan-growth factor receptor 2 (Grb2) interaction
K Russo, E Di Stasio, G Macchia, G Rosa, A Brancaccio, TC Petrucci
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 274 (1), 93-98, 2000
Anomalous dystroglycan in carcinoma cell lines
C Losasso, F Di Tommaso, A Sgambato, R Ardito, A Cittadini, B Giardina, ...
FEBS letters 484 (3), 194-198, 2000
Structural basis of glycosaminoglycan modification and of heterotypic interactions of perlecan domain V
MVK Friedrich, W Göhring, M Mörgelin, A Brancaccio, G David, R Timpl
Journal of molecular biology 294 (1), 259-270, 1999
Functional diversity of dystroglycan
M Bozzi, S Morlacchi, MG Bigotti, F Sciandra, A Brancaccio
Matrix Biology 28 (4), 179-187, 2009
The dystroglycan complex: from biology to cancer
A Sgambato, A Brancaccio
Journal of cellular physiology 205 (2), 163-169, 2005
The N‐terminal region of α‐dystroglycan is an autonomous globular domain
A Brancaccio, T Schulthess, M Gesemann, J Engel
The FEBS Journal 246 (1), 166-172, 1997
The amino acid sequence and oxygen-binding properties of the single hemoglobin of the cold-adapted Antarctic teleost Gymnodraco acuticeps
M Tamburrini, A Brancaccio, R Ippoliti, G di Prisco
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 292 (1), 295-302, 1992
Structural and functional analysis of the N-terminal extracellular region of β-dystroglycan
E Di Stasio, F Sciandra, B Maras, F Di Tommaso, TC Petrucci, B Giardina, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 266 (1), 274-278, 1999
Expression of multiple AQP4 pools in the plasma membrane and their association with the dystrophin complex
GP Nicchia, L Cogotzi, A Rossi, D Basco, A Brancaccio, M Svelto, ...
Journal of neurochemistry 105 (6), 2156-2165, 2008
O mannosylation of α-dystroglycan is essential for lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus receptor function
M Imperiali, C Thoma, E Pavoni, A Brancaccio, N Callewaert, A Oxenius
Journal of virology 79 (22), 14297-14308, 2005
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