Tanmay A. M. Bharat
Tanmay A. M. Bharat
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Architecture of the ring formed by the tubulin homologue FtsZ in bacterial cell division
P Szwedziak, Q Wang, TAM Bharat, M Tsim, J Löwe
Elife 3, e04601, 2014
Structural dissection of Ebola virus and its assembly determinants using cryo-electron tomography
TAM Bharat, T Noda, JD Riches, V Kraehling, L Kolesnikova, S Becker, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (11), 4275-4280, 2012
Structure of the immature retroviral capsid at 8 Å resolution by cryo-electron microscopy
TAM Bharat, NE Davey, P Ulbrich, JD Riches, A De Marco, M Rumlova, ...
Nature 487 (7407), 385, 2012
Advances in Single-Particle Electron Cryomicroscopy Structure Determination applied to Sub-tomogram Averaging
TAM Bharat, CJ Russo, J Löwe, LA Passmore, SHW Scheres
Structure 23 (9), 1743-1753, 2015
Bacterial actin MreB forms antiparallel double filaments
F Van den Ent, T Izoré, TAM Bharat, CM Johnson, J Löwe
Elife 3, e02634, 2014
Cryo-electron tomography of Marburg virus particles and their morphogenesis within infected cells
TAM Bharat, JD Riches, L Kolesnikova, S Welsch, V Krähling, N Davey, ...
PLoS Biol 9 (11), e1001196, 2011
Complexin arrests a pool of docked vesicles for fast Ca2+‐dependent release
J Malsam, D Parisotto, TAM Bharat, A Scheutzow, JM Krause, JAG Briggs, ...
The EMBO journal 31 (15), 3270-3281, 2012
Phosphatidylinositol 4, 5-bisphosphate (PI (4, 5) P2)-dependent oligomerization of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) triggers the formation of a lipidic membrane pore …
JP Steringer, S Bleicken, H Andreas, S Zacherl, M Laussmann, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (33), 27659-27669, 2012
Cryo-electron microscopy of tubular arrays of HIV-1 Gag resolves structures essential for immature virus assembly
TAM Bharat, LRC Menendez, WJH Hagen, V Lux, S Igonet, M Schorb, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (22), 8233-8238, 2014
Seeing tobacco mosaic virus through direct electron detectors
SA Fromm, TAM Bharat, AJ Jakobi, WJH Hagen, C Sachse
Journal of structural biology 189 (2), 87-97, 2015
Resolving macromolecular structures from electron cryo-tomography data using subtomogram averaging in RELION
TAM Bharat, SHW Scheres
Nature protocols 11 (11), 2054-2065, 2016
Structures of actin-like ParM filaments show architecture of plasmid-segregating spindles
TAM Bharat, GN Murshudov, C Sachse, J Löwe
Nature 523 (7558), 106-110, 2015
Design of a molecular support for cryo-EM structure determination
TG Martin, TAM Bharat, AC Joerger, X Bai, F Praetorius, AR Fersht, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (47), E7456-E7463, 2016
A βα-barrel built by the combination of fragments from different folds
TAM Bharat, S Eisenbeis, K Zeth, B Höcker
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (29), 9942-9947, 2008
Structure of the hexagonal surface layer on Caulobacter crescentus cells
TAM Bharat, D Kureisaite-Ciziene, GG Hardy, WY Ellen, JM Devant, ...
Nature Microbiology 2, 17059, 2017
SNARE and regulatory proteins induce local membrane protrusions to prime docked vesicles for fast calcium‐triggered fusion
TAM Bharat, J Malsam, WJH Hagen, A Scheutzow, TH Söllner, ...
EMBO reports, e201337807, 2014
Correlative Microscopy of Vitreous Sections Provides Insights into BAR-Domain Organization In Situ
TAM Bharat, PC Hoffmann, W Kukulski
Structure 26 (6), 879-886. e3, 2018
The HIV mutation browser: a resource for human immunodeficiency virus mutagenesis and polymorphism data
NE Davey, VP Satagopam, S Santiago-Mozos, C Villacorta-Martin, ...
PLoS Comput Biol 10 (12), e1003951, 2014
Four-stranded mini microtubules formed by Prosthecobacter BtubAB show dynamic instability
X Deng, G Fink, TAM Bharat, S He, D Kureisaite-Ciziene, J Löwe
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (29), E5950-E5958, 2017
Tricalbins Contribute to Cellular Lipid Flux and Form Curved ER-PM Contacts that Are Bridged by Rod-Shaped Structures
PC Hoffmann, TAM Bharat, MR Wozny, J Boulanger, EA Miller, ...
Developmental Cell 51 (4), 488-502. e8, 2019
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