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Dynamics, OH distributions and UV emission of a gliding arc at various flow-rates investigated by optical measurements
J Zhu, Z Sun, Z Li, A Ehn, M Aldén, M Salewski, F Leipold, Y Kusano
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47 (29), 295203, 2014
Sustained diffusive alternating current gliding arc discharge in atmospheric pressure air
J Zhu, J Gao, Z Li, A Ehn, M Aldén, A Larsson, Y Kusano
Applied Physics Letters 105 (23), 234102, 2014
Measurements of 3D slip velocities and plasma column lengths of a gliding arc discharge
J Zhu, J Gao, A Ehn, M Aldén, Z Li, D Moseev, Y Kusano, M Salewski, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (4), 044101, 2015
Advancements in Rayleigh scattering thermometry by means of structured illumination
E Kristensson, A Ehn, J Bood, M Aldén
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 3689-3696, 2015
FRAME: femtosecond videography for atomic and molecular dynamics
A Ehn, J Bood, Z Li, E Berrocal, M Aldén, E Kristensson
Light: Science & Applications 6 (9), e17045-e17045, 2017
Translational, rotational, vibrational and electron temperatures of a gliding arc discharge
J Zhu, A Ehn, J Gao, C Kong, M Aldén, M Salewski, F Leipold, Y Kusano, ...
Optics Express 25 (17), 20243-20257, 2017
Advanced laser-based techniques for gas-phase diagnostics in combustion and aerospace engineering
A Ehn, J Zhu, X Li, J Kiefer
Applied spectroscopy 71 (3), 341-366, 2017
Stray light suppression in spectroscopy using periodic shadowing
E Kristensson, J Bood, M Alden, E Nordström, J Zhu, S Huldt, ...
Optics express 22 (7), 7711-7721, 2014
Development of a picosecond lidar system for large-scale combustion diagnostics
B Kaldvee, A Ehn, J Bood, M Aldén
Applied optics 48 (4), B65-B72, 2009
Photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence imaging in premixed flames
O Johansson, J Bood, B Li, A Ehn, ZS Li, ZW Sun, M Jonsson, AA Konnov, ...
Combustion and flame 158 (10), 1908-1919, 2011
Investigation of flue-gas treatment with O3 injection using NO and NO2 planar laser-induced fluorescence
ZH Wang, B Li, A Ehn, ZW Sun, ZS Li, J Bood, M Aldén, KF Cen
Fuel 89 (9), 2346-2352, 2010
Plasma assisted combustion: Effects of O3 on large scale turbulent combustion studied with laser diagnostics and Large Eddy Simulations
A Ehn, JJ Zhu, P Petersson, ZS Li, M Aldén, C Fureby, T Hurtig, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 3487-3495, 2015
Spatiotemporally resolved characteristics of a gliding arc discharge in a turbulent air flow at atmospheric pressure
J Zhu, J Gao, A Ehn, M Aldén, A Larsson, Y Kusano, Z Li
Physics of Plasmas 24 (1), 013514, 2017
Fluorescence lifetime imaging in a flame
A Ehn, O Johansson, J Bood, A Arvidsson, B Li, M Aldén
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 33 (1), 807-813, 2011
Electrochemical investigation of nickel pattern electrodes in H2/H2O and CO/CO2 atmospheres
A Ehn, J Høgh, M Graczyk, K Norrman, L Montelius, M Linne, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 157 (11), B1588, 2010
Skeletal methane–air reaction mechanism for large eddy simulation of turbulent microwave-assisted combustion
A Larsson, N Zettervall, T Hurtig, EJK Nilsson, A Ehn, P Petersson, ...
Energy & Fuels 31 (2), 1904-1926, 2017
Single-laser shot fluorescence lifetime imaging on the nanosecond timescale using a Dual Image and Modeling Evaluation algorithm
A Ehn, O Johansson, A Arvidsson, M Aldén, J Bood
Optics express 20 (3), 3043-3056, 2012
Characterization of an AC glow-type gliding arc discharge in atmospheric air with a current-voltage lumped model
C Kong, J Gao, J Zhu, A Ehn, M Aldén, Z Li
Physics of Plasmas 24 (9), 093515, 2017
Observation of gliding arc surface treatment
Y Kusano, JJ Zhu, A Ehn, ZS Li, M Aldén, M Salewski, F Leipold, ...
Surface Engineering 31 (4), 282-288, 2015
Investigation of formaldehyde enhancement by ozone addition in CH4/air premixed flames
W Weng, E Nilsson, A Ehn, J Zhu, Y Zhou, Z Wang, Z Li, M Aldén, K Cen
Combustion and Flame 162 (4), 1284-1293, 2015
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