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Taishi Yoshii
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A new ImageJ plug-in “ActogramJ” for chronobiological analyses
B Schmid, C Helfrich-Förster, T Yoshii
Journal of biological rhythms 26 (5), 464-467, 2011
The neuropeptide pigment-dispersing factor adjusts period and phase of Drosophila's clock
T Yoshii, C Wülbeck, H Sehadova, S Veleri, D Bichler, R Stanewsky, ...
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Cryptochrome mediates light-dependent magnetosensitivity of Drosophila's circadian clock
T Yoshii, M Ahmad, C Helfrich-Förster
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Cryptochrome is present in the compound eyes and a subset of Drosophila's clock neurons
T Yoshii, T Todo, C Wülbeck, R Stanewsky, C Helfrich‐Förster
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Peptidergic clock neurons in Drosophila: ion transport peptide and short neuropeptide F in subsets of dorsal and ventral lateral neurons
HAD Johard, T Yoishii, H Dircksen, P Cusumano, F Rouyer, ...
Journal of Comparative Neurology 516 (1), 59-73, 2009
Temperature cycles drive Drosophila circadian oscillation in constant light that otherwise induces behavioural arrhythmicity
T Yoshii, Y Heshiki, T Ibuki‐Ishibashi, A Matsumoto, T Tanimura, ...
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Synergic Entrainment of Drosophila’s Circadian Clock by Light and Temperature
T Yoshii, S Vanin, R Costa, C Helfrich-Förster
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Drosophila cryb mutation reveals two circadian clocks that drive locomotor rhythm and have different responsiveness to light
T Yoshii, Y Funada, T Ibuki-Ishibashi, A Matsumoto, T Tanimura, ...
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A temperature-dependent timing mechanism is involved in the circadian system that drives locomotor rhythms in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
T Yoshii, M Sakamoto, K Tomioka
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Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 72, 517-525, 2007
Neuropeptide F immunoreactive clock neurons modify evening locomotor activity and free‐running period in Drosophila melanogaster
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Journal of Comparative Neurology 520 (5), 970-987, 2012
Two clocks in the brain: an update of the morning and evening oscillator model in Drosophila
T Yoshii, D Rieger, C Helfrich-Förster
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The ion transport peptide is a new functional clock neuropeptide in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
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Cryptochrome-Positive and -Negative Clock Neurons in Drosophila Entrain Differentially to Light and Temperature
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Drosophila Clock Neurons under Natural Conditions
P Menegazzi, S Vanin, T Yoshii, D Rieger, C Hermann, V Dusik, ...
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Circadian light-input pathways in Drosophila
T Yoshii, C Hermann-Luibl, C Helfrich-Förster
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Peripheral circadian rhythms and their regulatory mechanism in insects and some other arthropods: a review
K Tomioka, O Uryu, Y Kamae, Y Umezaki, T Yoshii
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Laboratory versus Nature: The Two Sides of the Drosophila Circadian Clock
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GABAB receptors play an essential role in maintaining sleep during the second half of the night in Drosophila melanogaster
F Gmeiner, A Kołodziejczyk, T Yoshii, D Rieger, DR Nässel, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (20), 3837-3843, 2013
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