Catherine Kidner
Catherine Kidner
University of Edinburgh, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
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Regulation of heterochromatic silencing and histone H3 lysine-9 methylation by RNAi
TA Volpe, C Kidner, IM Hall, G Teng, SIS Grewal, RA Martienssen
Science 297 (5588), 1833-1837, 2002
Spatially restricted microRNA directs leaf polarity through ARGONAUTE1
CA Kidner, RA Martienssen
Nature 428 (6978), 81-84, 2004
The developmental role of microRNA in plants
CA Kidner, RA Martienssen
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Clonal analysis of the Arabidopsis root confirms that position, not lineage, determines cell fate
C Kidner, V Sundaresan, K Roberts, L Dolan
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The role of ARGONAUTE1 (AGO1) in meristem formation and identity
CA Kidner, RA Martienssen
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Using targeted enrichment of nuclear genes to increase phylogenetic resolution in the neotropical rain forest genus Inga (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae)
JA Nicholls, RT Pennington, EJM Koenen, CE Hughes, J Hearn, ...
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Retrieval of hundreds of nuclear loci from herbarium specimens
ML Hart, LL Forrest, JA Nicholls, CA Kidner
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Large‐scale genomic sequence data resolve the deepest divergences in the legume phylogeny and support a near‐simultaneous evolutionary origin of all six subfamilies
EJM Koenen, DI Ojeda, R Steeves, J Migliore, FT Bakker, JJ Wieringa, ...
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The origin of the legumes is a complex paleopolyploid phylogenomic tangle closely associated with the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) mass extinction event
EJM Koenen, DI Ojeda, FT Bakker, JJ Wieringa, C Kidner, OJ Hardy, ...
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Development of leaf shape
M Byrne, M Timmermans, C Kidner, R Martienssen
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Mixing and matching pathways in leaf polarity
CA Kidner, MCP Timmermans
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Next–generation sequencing and systematics: What can a billion base pairs of DNA sequence data do for you?
N Harrison, CA Kidner
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Macro effects of microRNAs in plants
CA Kidner, RA Martienssen
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bundle sheath defective, a mutation that disrupts cellular differentiation in maize leaves
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Plant stem cells: divergent pathways and common themes in shoots and roots
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The origin of diversity in Begonia: genome dynamism, population processes and phylogenetic patterns
A Dewitte, AD Twyford, DC Thomas, CA Kidner, J Van Huylenbroeck
The dynamical processes of biodiversity-case studies of evolution and …, 2011
Hybrid capture of 964 nuclear genes resolves evolutionary relationships in the mimosoid legumes and reveals the polytomous origins of a large pantropical radiation
EJM Koenen, C Kidner, ÉR de Souza, MF Simon, JR Iganci, JA Nicholls, ...
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Signaling sides: adaxial–abaxial patterning in leaves
CA Kidner, MCP Timmermans
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The many roles of small RNAs in leaf development
CA Kidner
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The limits of Hyb-Seq for herbarium specimens: impact of preservation techniques
LL Forrest, ML Hart, M Hughes, HP Wilson, KF Chung, YH Tseng, ...
Frontiers in ecology and evolution 7, 439, 2019
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